Pritzker, “Progressives” and the Partisan Press

Written by David E. Smith

If you have listened to local political “news” coverage recently, you probably heard the establishment media dutifully reporting J.B. Pritzker‘s latest attack on his opponent, State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Xenia), for something he said five years ago. What did Bailey say that was so controversial? He said,

The attempted extermination of the Jews [in] World War II doesn’t even compare on a shadow of the life that has been lost with abortion.

The partisan lapdog media were given one whiff of the contrived controversy, and off they went, obediently barking and snapping questions at Bailey for having the courage to say that 64 million innocent human beings slaughtered over a fifty-year period–many killed by dismemberment–is even more shocking than the horrific slaughter of 6 million Jewish lives in Nazi death camps between 1941-1945. But honest people understand that 64 million human deaths are vastly more than 6 million.

Not to be left out of the dog pile, Personal PAC’s Terry Cosgrove sent out an email claiming that Bailey “is demeaning the Holocaust and the memory of those who were lost in and survived one of the greatest stains in human history.” If Bailey is demeaning the Holocaust, what is Cosgrove doing when he promotes the slaughter of humans in the womb?

The moral cipher Cosgrove ends his rant by asserting that this statement by Bailey disqualifies him from office, ignoring that the super-majority of Democrats in Springfield, including our governor, cheer the fact that Illinois allows abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, even up to the day of birth.

Yes, Illinois Democrats have legalized the murder of viable, full-term pre-born babies. Even liberal European nations are not that aggressive in their bloodlust. According to a report published by the Lozier Institute,

Out of the 42 European countries that allow elective abortion, 39 countries limit elective abortion to 15 weeks’ gestation or earlier. The majority of these 39 European countries set gestational limits for elective abortion at or before 12 weeks’ gestation.

Do the media report how extraordinary Illinois’ abortion laws are? Of course not. Those facts would only get in the way of their partisan narrative. (There are tens of thousands of late term abortions [16 to 21 weeks] every year in the United States.)

Will they report on the real problem of sex-selective abortions that tend to target female babies? Illinois is becoming the abortion mecca of Midwest, and feminists, Democrats and their allies in the media don’t seem to care that more female babies are being slaughtered at abortion mills than males.

Back in 2012, The Atlantic addressed the issue by publishing an article in opposition to federal legislation to ban this practice:

Gallup poll from 2011 found that, when asked if they could only have one child, American men of all backgrounds responded that they’d want a boy by a margin of 49 percent to 22 percent, a finding fixed at this level since 1941, when Gallup started asking. Women today report no preference. But still, 40 percent of Americans overall think picking embryos to select for sex is an appropriate use of genetic-diagnosis technology.

Not only have Illinois Democrats legalized the murder of full term pre-born human babies and conveniently ignore that females will be disproportionally killed, but also Gov. Pritzker this week doubled down on his abortion advocacy by announcing that he will allocate even more of our tax dollars for the growing baby-extermination businesses in Illinois.

[On Thursday] Governor Pritzker announced an increase in Medicaid reimbursement rates for abortion services and a new expansion of Title X funding through the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) for family planning and reproductive health service providers across the state. The 20% Medicaid reimbursement rate increase will give additional resources to providers facing new burdens in the wake of increased restrictions on reproductive care in surrounding states. The Governor also eliminated a requirement for providers to receive a Medicare denial before requesting Medicaid payment, expanding provider options for patients receiving both Medicare and Medicaid.

The official press release boasts that “Medicaid covers abortion services in Illinois, one of only 16 states to do so.” In it Pritzker shamelessly announces how he will help grow Illinois’ killing fields:

There are currently 98 family planning clinics across the state offering Title X supported services, serving over 150,000 patients in the last two years. The new $2 million investment announced today by the Governor will expand the number of providers offering Title X-funded services to the client base of these clinics, 80% of whom are below the federal poverty line.

State Representative Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago) chirps cheerfully, “I am so proud to work with Governor Pritzker and our pro-choice majority in Illinois to protect and increase access to reproductive health services both for residents and inbound patients from restrictive states.” The unstated subtext is that Democrats are intentionally targeting poor black and brown communities, hoping to “expand” planning clinics in order to “increase” access, all to make the murder of human beings more convenient and rake in profits.

Billionaire Pritzker released a TV ad in a desperate attempt to paint Bailey as a pro-life extremist and himself as the chief abortion cheerleader. But Pritzker is merely a left-wing zealot who brags about usurping parental rights so that young girls can get an abortion without their parents’ knowledge. It is a great way to cover the illegal activities of underage sex trafficking, statutory rape and incest.

So, who are the extremists? Who has disqualified themselves from public office? Who are the misogynists? They are completely out-of-touch with Illinois voters, most of whom oppose the killing of babies in the last trimester and want parental rights upheld.

NBC Chicago quotes the Anti-Defamation League in their story on this brouhaha by stating the obvious: “The Holocaust and abortion are not the same.” Intelligent people understand that they are two different events. The Highland Park killings on July 4th were not the same as the killings taking place almost every weekend in Chicago, but one could reasonably point out that the murder of 21 people was terrible and at the same time assert that the 376 people shot and killed in Chicago so far this year are even more terrible because of the sheer number of human lives cut down.

A few years ago, IFI’s Laurie Higgins made this point in a much better way than I could:

It’s a routinely issued diktat that one must never compare the Holocaust or Nazism to, well, anything. I respectfully disagree. Not all analogies that include Nazism, the Holocaust, or Hitler constitute reductio ad Hitlerum fallacies. …

If we’re permitted to revisit ideas as settled by science and commonsense as women don’t have penises or men can’t become pregnant, surely, we can revisit the arguable claim that there are no points of correspondence between the slaughter of humans in the womb and the Holocaust. And if there are points of correspondence, then surely we can revisit the unwritten law of “progressives” that no one may point them out.

Maybe, just maybe, “progressives” want to censor the comparison of the feticidal holocaust to the Nazi Holocaust because they fear it’s true. What if God wants us to see the abortion holocaust as analogous to the Nazi Holocaust? What if it’s Satan who wants to blind our eyes to the similarities and silence our tongues from identifying them? What if those lawmakers and citizens who react in anger (or tactical faux-anger) are doing the bidding of the father of lies? And what if conservatives who buckle when “progressives” hurl epithets at them are “now seeking the approval of man” rather than that of God?”

The radical Left wants to intimidate and bully us into silence. They don’t want to deal with the fact that 64 million babies have been butchered at the altar of “progressivism.” You will not hear the media report those statistics intentionally. Nor will they concede that the “product of conception” between two human beings is inarguably a human being.

It is up to you and me to testify to the truth about the sanctity of life. As our friend Teri Paulson wrote a few years ago, “human life is either sacred or it isn’t. We dare not be naïve. If a newborn baby’s life isn’t sacred, neither is yours or mine.”

Please keep Darren Bailey, his wife Cindy and his entire campaign team in your prayers. This kind of distraction is designed to pull them off message and keep them from talking about all the current issues of the day and his platform to turn things around. Now would be a great time to either send him a message of support, request a yard sign, volunteer for his campaign or send in a donation to encourage him to stand strong.

Moreover, please do what you can to expose the bias of the media. They are not neutral reporters, they are collaborators of Big Abortion and leftwing Democrats. Share this article with your friends on social media, expose the pro-death mind-set of those who defend abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, even up to the day of birth, and talk about the biased narratives that exclude conservative pro-life viewpoints whenever and where ever you are able.

Please, whatever you do, don’t choose to remain silent
as they beat their chest about facilitating and promoting the destruction of innocent human life.