The Fight Over Abortion Continues

Written by Kristi Shaffer

The U.S. Supreme Court decision of Dodd v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned Roe v. Wade, is a victory for all who support life. The decision ends federal protection of abortion and sends the subject back to individual states to determine how and if abortion will be allowed in the state. It is estimated that at least 26 states will have strong restrictions or bans on abortion. While it indeed should be celebrated, conservatives should not let our guard down; the war for the pro-life community wages on.

The announcement of the Dodd decision led to groups from both sides gathering in either celebration or protest. The left, in typical fashion, showed their hypocrisy as the Capitol Police approved the gathering of protest groups in front of the U.S. Supreme Court while rejecting meetings of pro-life groups. The left is already trying to find ways to skirt the changes in the federal law and is utilizing protests nationwide to influence voters and politicians.

The protests in the nation’s capital are just the start. In states’ capitals and many major cities, protestors have gathered and even become violent. In Arizona, abortion supporters pulled down a temporary fence around the state capital. In Michigan, protestors blocked a fourth of July parade after promising on social media that they would not interfere. Protests are taking place near courthouses and capitals, and the attacks are also occurring at pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

In Michigan, two pro-life centers were vandalized by a group identified as “a gang of criminal queers.” It is not shocking that the leftist agendas of the LGBT and the abortionists are working together. In Colorado, the abortion terrorists burned a pro-life facility down. The FBI is investigating the incident. It might be associated with a group calling themselves “Jane’s Revenge.” Terrorist groups have threatened to interrupt, vandalize, and attack churches and pro-life facilities nationwide. They have done just that, and it doesn’t appear they will slow down on their terrorist activities.

The left will use every tool in their arsenal to keep abortion legal. Not only will they use the disruption and violence of abortion terrorists, but also political maneuverings. President Joe Biden recently announced that Democrats were looking into possibilities of continuing abortion protection. He issued an executive order recently to protect “access to reproductive health services,” although it’s unclear what teeth that will have. U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and U.S. Senate Democrats want to push abortion legislation by making an an exception to the filibuster rule, which might pressure the Senate to agree on a federal law on abortion.

But U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) doesn’t seem to be budging. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and U.S. House Democrats already have abortion bills to vote on as Congress comes back from break in July. Democrats are also considering the possibility of allowing abortions on federal property, even in red states that might ban abortion. They are also considering putting federal funding into the abortion pill prescribed through telemedicine. It has even been suggested that the government could declare a healthcare crisis that would allow the federal government to continue abortion as protected healthcare.

The left is pulling out all the stops, and those who support life must rally to defend it more than ever. The protestors and voting base are coming together to wage war against pro-life supporters and organizations. They are already presenting ads calling for abortion supporters to vote based on this alone. How else could the left win in an election amid rising inflation and a failing economy? Abortion is the only issue that the left will present this election cycle, and we conservatives must be ready for this fight.

Many conservative and pro-life candidates are running across the nation, and we must get the vote out for these candidates. In Illinois, Darren Bailey, a pro-life candidate for governor, is already being attacked in ads across the state. It is time for Christian conservatives to stand up to the abortionists and the terrorists that want to continue murdering our babies. Make sure you support the pro-life candidates if you can donate funds or your time to their campaigns. Most importantly, make sure you are ready to vote in November and do not be intimidated by anyone that would threaten your local church or local pro-life woman’s center. The bullies of abortion will only be stopped when we all stand together unflinching against their tyranny.