Biden’s Biggest Virtue Signal Yet

Written by Evan O’Bryan

“Then Peter began to speak: ‘I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism
but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right.’”
~Acts 10:34-35

I was always taught that the best person for a job will get the job, but apparently merit means nothing to Biden. The current President of the United States has only one requirement for his new U.S. Supreme Court Justice, and that requirement is the new Justice must be a Black woman. In a recent poll from Fox News, about 76 percent of Americans oppose this racist statement from Joe Biden. They would prefer Biden choose someone based on credentials, rather than the color of their skin or their sex (what a surprise). Even 54 percent of Democrats oppose the blatant racism from Biden. While at face value this poll seems to validate that the American people are siding with conservatives, I believe it shows a deeply disturbing trend among the population.

This poll may seem like a major victory for conservatives, but it actually might indicate the opposite – that we are losing ground in the “culture war.” For a president to exclude an entire race of people in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and even early 2000s would have been unthinkable; such actions would have received an unbelievable amount of backlash. The prevailing narrative during that time period was that one should not judge people based on their race, but rather on their beliefs, opinions, aspirations, and character. However, today’s ruling Democrats have done a complete one-eighty. For them, nearly everything comes back to race. The prevailing, and frankly liberal, opinion back in the day was to be “colorblind,” but now Democrats have deemed that approach racist. For some reason, ignoring someone’s race, treating them as an equal and an individual is considered racist in 2022.

Both the Left and the Right, for the most part, love Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for his teachings on race. Yet, despite expressing respect for him, the Left has completely rejected his teachings without even noticing that they have done so. They express their admiration for him, but they do not truly listen or understand much of what he said. Dr. King wanted us to judge people based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. I’m sure if we asked Biden if he agreed with this idea, he would instantly say yes, but based on his actions, it is obvious that his words would be an atrocious lie. All this to say that, even though it looks as if this poll is a complete win, it still shows that a disturbing number of Americans are racist and have minimal critical thinking skills.

Throughout his dull, boring, reclusive, basement-dwelling campaign trail, Biden was praised by the media as a “moderate” and “centrist,” while nasty Trump was denigrated as a right-wing radical. What a surprise it was when we found out these characterizations weren’t even close to the truth. Biden has been one of the most extreme presidents in the history of our country, as this poll perfectly illustrates. Even his own voter base seems to be against him on this issue, as not even fifty percent of Democrats want to base the Justice selection on race and gender. Such lukewarm approval shows that Biden is not even close to the moderate leader that his voters were promised. Biden supporters were under the impression they were selecting the “safer” option of an average Democrat, although they shouldn’t have been surprised since he served and showed his true colors as Vice President for eight years in the Obama administration.

Even from a leftist point of view, the requirement that the Justice be a Black woman makes zero sense. Why must the person be Black? Couldn’t some other minority be considered? We have never had an Asian or Native American U.S. Supreme Court Justice. And why only a woman? Doesn’t this exclude all the other fantasy genders the Left has created? This “inclusive” and “diverse” choice of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice seems not very inclusive or diverse at all. If the true goal is to have equal representation on the Court, it does not make sense to specifically limit the candidate pool to Black women, as there are already women, as well as a Black man, on the Court. Clearly, this is all political theatre and the lead actor, Biden, is playing to an audience of his sycophantic constituents.

If President Biden truly cared about equal representation, he would focus on minorities who have never been represented on the U.S. Supreme Court. However, Biden understands that picking a black woman would be in his best interest due to the heightened attention and strong support surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. He is aware that many Americans are not intelligent enough to realize that his motives are not driven by a desire for diversity or inclusion, but rather the complete opposite. When every category of person is excluded from consideration, except Black women, it is pretty obvious that diversity is merely a buzzword. Americans don’t understand this; they think that if someone is non-white, it instantly means that that person is diverse, which doesn’t even make sense since to be diverse, there must be multiple people in that group with different backgrounds and opinions. If it were up to Biden, the Court would be completely homogeneous, not diverse at all. On his perfect U.S. Supreme Court, every Justice would instantly agree with him and obey his every wish.

Along with my many reservations about Biden’s method of appointing the next Justice, I cannot help but feel a bit bad for whomever is selected. For the rest of her life, she will know that her appointment was not based on merit or talent. Rather, she will remember she was chosen first and foremost for the color of her skin and her sex. Her seat on the highest court in our nation was not earned by recognition of her incredible talent in the field of law, nor for her ability to rightly interpret, support and defend the U. S. Constitution. but it was only because of the family that she was born into. While she may be happy that she has obtained one of the highest positions in government, she’ll always know that she likely did not deserve it and she took the opportunity to many other potentially better options.

As I head off to law school in the future, I will look at my peers and hope that our future ambitions will not be judged or limited based on the color of our skin. America is heading in a dangerous direction, one which will normalize rejecting people on the basis of race. If this practice exists now at the highest levels of our government, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the country follows suit. However, if Biden feels inclined to select a black woman for the U.S. Supreme Court, let us at least hope he picks someone like Candace Owens – I’ve heard she’s interested!

Evan O’Bryan is a high school senior and aspiring political influencer who has been raised in the faith and Christian education since preschool. He is a staunch supporter of Christianity, the MAGA movement, and Conservative ideology. He enjoys challenging the mainstream liberal narrative with those who haven’t yet reached the truth.