Mary Miller is Correct

Written by Christine Misner and David E. Smith

Why are left-wing Democrats lying about Mary Miller?

Because she stands for your values!

U.S. Representative Mary Miller is serving her first term in Congress, representing Illinois’ 15th District in Washington, D.C. Her husband, Chris Miller, is a state representative who has served in the Illinois General Assembly since 2019. They are a hardworking Christian couple who have raised seven children, operate a family ranch and farm, and are well-respected leaders in their local church and community. They are also the proud grandparents of 17 grandchildren.

It is clear they have been targeted because of their strong Christian faith which forms their conservative political positions.

The Millers are unashamedly pro-life and pro-family. They are small government Republicans who support the 2nd Amendment, robust border control, a strong military, home education, and the nation of Israel.

That is why radical Democrats are trying to milk their faux-outrage about a speech made by Mary Miller shortly after she was sworn into office.

Mary was speaking to a group of mothers about destructive influences affecting the hearts and minds of our children. In this speech, the Congresswoman quoted Adolf Hitler to highlight her exhortation about these destructive influences. To suggest that it somehow glorified Hitler is ludicrous and makes absolutely no sense. Clearly, their feckless interpretation of her words is just another dishonest attempt to intimidate Mary and bully clear-thinking voters into believing yet another of their lies.

In their ongoing deceitfulness, the Democrats are hiding the fact that 1,600 Rabbis and other Jewish leaders wrote a letter in support of Mary Miller, saying that they disagree with those who are calling for her resignation. Moreover, they acknowledge that Mary’s concerns are correct:

We see the danger of indoctrination of the youth played out on college campuses across America today. We are disappointed to see many ignore your truly critical underlying message, and instead use your perhaps ill-advised example to issue politically-motivated calls for your resignation.

Illinois Family Action and other conservative Pro-Life and Pro-Family groups are thrilled to finally have a Republican Congressman as a member of the U.S. House Freedom Caucus. For far too long, Illinois has had a Republican delegation in Congress that were politically moderate to liberal, part of the swamp establishment who don’t stay true to conservative principles. Of the five Republican Congressmen from Illinois, we are glad to know that Mary Miller was invited to join this exclusive invitation-only caucus.

Moreover, we are thrilled that Mary introduced the “Safety and Opportunity for Girls Act of 2021” (H.R. 1417). This common sense legislation would protect our wives, daughters and sisters from transgender activists who want co-ed public bathrooms and locker rooms. In her press statement released back in February, Mary said,

“I want to make it clear that the definition of sex in Title IX means biological sex, not gender identity. My goal is to protect spaces like bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams for women like my five daughters, and so many others across the country.”

Click HERE to see what bills Mary
has sponsored/co-sponsored in 2021.


Miller, an Illinois native, was born in Oak Park but moved around the Midwest due to her father’s job. By her senior year of high school the family was back in Illinois and living in Naperville where she graduated before moving to southern Illinois to attend college. There she met her husband, Chris, who was elected as a Illinois State Representative in 2018.

She graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a B.S. in Business Management and later completed graduate studies in education receiving a teaching certification from the State of Illinois.

Miller came to Christ at 23, after having married and becoming a mother. “It was the first time I saw a personal need for Christ,” she shared. “For the first time I saw myself as a sinner and realized I couldn’t earn my salvation by good works.”

It was another five years before her husband would become a Christian. They were mentored by a “dear couple” and since then, they have paid it forward. “God brought us to a place where we were able to turn around and do the same for other people,” she said. “It’s made our life really rich.”

The two now have seven children and 17 grandchildren with another on the way. Their oldest child is 38 and the youngest is 17. Miller affectionately calls Evangeline, their youngest, “the cherry on top.”

“Her name means ‘bearer of good news,’” Miller explained. She described the high school senior as being like all her children, a “committed conservative.”

“[Evangeline] is very supportive and helps me with this and that in the campaign,” she noted.

Miller’s youngest grandchild is just one year old and is even more “special” she said, having been diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. If anything, becoming the grandparent of a child with Downs has made Miller, who was already pro-life, even more ardently so.

“Whenever one becomes a parent or a grandparent, they have a renewed commitment to life,” she said.

The Millers have been very intentional in how they’ve raised their children. “I’ve always believed you can’t say no, without a corresponding yes,” shared Miller. “We raised our children without a TV, but we did have a screen to watch movies.”

Instead of letting their children spend most of their time camped out in front of the television, Miller found other activities for them to be engaged in. “To raise healthy children,” Miller said, “I think it’s healthy for them to have good relationships, to read books, and enjoy nature activities.” Other activities included helping on the farm and learning to play musical instruments. Most of the children play two. They emphasized community service with the children volunteering in nursing homes and at food pantries.

Most important to Miller was for them to know God and learn about the Bible. “We try to start each day with a Bible activity and by reading the Bible together,” she said. Bible memorization plays a big role. When the children were small, she taught them Psalm 1, 23, 25, and 34.

Instead of having a favorite Bible verse, Miller has her favorite chapter — 2 Corinthians 5. In that chapter, the apostle Paul wrote, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.” Miller shared it holds importance for her because she thinks “the purpose of the gospel is for people to receive new life in Christ – the idea that in Christ you are a new creation.”

Later in the chapter Paul discusses the idea of walking by faith, not by sight. Miller noted that is something she has always stressed to her children. “We live by the Word of God and not by our senses, not by what we touch,” she said.

She noted, “It’s important for us to know that the love of Christ controls us. The love of God compels us and constrains us from doing what is wrong.”

The Millers are longtime members of Oakland Christian Church, a non-denomination Bible church, in Oakland, Ill. When the U.S. House is in session, she does her best to come home each weekend from Washington D.C. to be with her family and to attend her local church where she also works in the children’s ministry.

Miller said she does enjoy the opportunity to visit other churches when she’s invited. But she and her husband “decided it was healthy for us to have that accountability” they get by regularly attending the church where they are members. Each Sunday she said it’s important to them as a couple “to attend church and then enjoy a true day of rest.”

Referencing 2 Corinthians 5:9-10, Miller said she feels it’s important for her and her colleagues to remember, “In light of being in politics, we need to not lose sight of who we are in Him.”

“I appreciate people’s prayers,” the Congresswoman said. She asked readers to continue to pray for her and to specifically pray for her to “have courage, be an effective communicator, and for wisdom for effective strategy.”

Illinois Family Action was proud to endorse Mary Miller when she ran for Congress in 2020. We remain in full support of her pro-life, pro-family, small government values, and refuse to stay silent when the radical Left in the Democratic Party lie about her!