Woke Coke is No Joke
(and Nothing New)

Written by Trevor Grant Thomas

As much as conservatives in America love capitalism, many U.S. capitalists sure seem to hate conservatives—especially Christian conservatives. On virtually every issue important to conservatives of all stripes, large U.S. corporations (“Big Corp” for this column) stand opposed—almost unanimously!—to American conservatives.

In other words, to the detriment of America and the truth, Big Corp has gone “woke.” Coca-Cola provides the most recent and egregious example of gross corporate wokeness. According to a whistleblower, Coca-Cola is forcing its employees to complete online training that instructs them on “What it Means to Be White” and how to “Try and be less white.”

This racist training declares that,

To be less white is to:

be less oppressive

be less arrogant

be less certain

be less defensive

be less ignorant

be more humble



break with apathy

break with white solidarity …

No doubt this garbage is directly the result of Coca-Cola bowing to the evil efforts of the “woke” army of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the like. As Al Perrotta recently put it, “Of course, it’s doubtful anybody with any brains in Coca-Cola’s leadership really believes such racist, divisive gibberish. But they do believe the Woke Warriors won’t let them rest until they push this poison onto their employees.”

Thanks in large part to Big Corp, as cities were looted and burned across America in 2020, BLM raked in tens of millions of dollars. As reported last year by Jordan Davidson at The Federalist, Amazon, Pepsi’s Gatorade, Microsoft, Warner Records, Intel, and numerous other members of Big Corp helped to line the stuffed coffers at BLM. Of course, this will do nothing if not embolden BLM and its allies to continue their violent, destructive, and grifting ways. In addition, the lavish funding of BLM will further promote their racist agenda. None of this is good for America.

Coca-Cola is far from alone when it comes to its corporate “wokeness.” Under Armour has also recently come under fire for forcing employees to endure “anti-white diversity training videos.” Long before “woke” and its derivatives entered our lexicon, Big Corp had surrendered to the agenda of the modern left. Decades ago, Big Corp quickly got on the bandwagons of the radical pro-abortion agenda, the perverse LGBT agenda, and so on.

According to very recent polling by Echelon Insights, the top issues for republicans (yes, not all republicans are reliably conservative, but virtually all conservatives vote republican) that are a “problem for the country” are (in order of importance):

  • Illegal immigration
  • Lack of support for the police
  • High taxes
  • Liberal bias in the mainstream media
  • General moral decline of the country
  • Socialism
  • Antifa violence
  • China
  • Legal abortion in the third trimester
  • Election fraud
  • Tech company censorship
  • Discrimination against Christians

Other than perhaps “high taxes” (and even this means something different to individual conservatives than it means to Big Corp) there’s not an issue in this list that Big Corp has taken a stand on that is favorable to conservatism. For example, “Corporate Supremacists”—as Brian Schuster described them in 2018—“love mass immigration.” What he means is they love illegal immigration. One reason for this is, as Schuster put it,

A steady stream of immigrants means a steady stream of competition for jobs. Workers generate profit for multinational corporations, and the cheaper a company’s labor costs are, the more profit is left over for the corporate supremacists at workers’ expense.

Just after the 2020 Presidential Election, the New York Post reported that “Big Tech” began lobbying the incoming Biden administration to “reverse President Trump’s stricter immigration policies.” According to the Post, “rescinding Trump’s [immigration] actions is the industry’s top priority next year.”

Media corporations that are part of Big Corp are the main reason that conservatives are concerned about “liberal bias in the mainstream media.” Because this bias helps to further the left’s agenda, other members of Big Corp play along. In fact, in attempts to censor conservatives, many of them have sometimes engaged in advertising boycotts.

Tragically, hundreds of members of Big Corp—including Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, Capital One, Chevron, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, Dell, Delta Airlines, Dominos, E-TRADE, Food Lion, General Motors, Google, Hershey, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg, MasterCard, Mattel, Microsoft, Netflix, Nike, PepsiCo, Sony, Starbucks, Target, Texas Instruments, Uber, and many others—have thrown their support behind the evil—and misnamed—“Equality Act.” Thanks to democrat control and the support of Big Corp, this abomination recently passed the U.S. House. Perhaps more than any other collection of words in recent history, the “Equality Act” epitomizes the “general moral decline” of America.

As many others have already noted, the evil “Equality Act” promotes anything but “equality.” Among other disastrous consequences, if the “Equality Act” becomes law, it would make criminals out of those who live according to the biblical (and biological) view of who is a male and who is a female; it would gut religious liberty and compel speech; it would ruin women’s and girls’ sports; it would endanger women and girls; it would allow for children to be taken from their parents, and so on. Yet Big Corp finds all of this not only acceptable, but necessary.

Clearly these “woke” corporations have forgotten their foundations and forgotten what allows for their continued existence and prosperity. They have forgotten—or choose to ignore—that they could only have prospered as they have in the United States of America. Most importantly, they have forgotten God and His law. As I point out in The Miracle and Magnificence of America, the United States is the world’s most enduring constitutional republic and the world’s most powerful and prosperous nation—which has produced the world’s largest and wealthiest corporations—because our Founders rightly feared God and dually embraced the principles of Christianity and free market capitalism (as espoused by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations).

Many liberals in America—including many now in D.C. —would’ve long ago shredded the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution endures because it is worth conserving, and from the beginning of this great nation, conservatives in America have long understood that fact. If anything is worth conserving it is those things that have been settled for all time, and more than any other governing document written by mankind, the U.S. Constitution embraces this notion.

Again, to the great detriment of America (or any nation) “wokeness” is a war on the truth. Like individuals, corporations embrace this deadly ideology because they ignore God and go their own way. As has been the case for all time, if we want this to change, we need revival and repentance in our corporate boardrooms.

This article was originally published at American Thinker.