Why Do They Hate Us?

Written by Thorin Anderson

Not that long ago, surveys reported that over 90% of Americans claimed to believe in God and to be moderately religious. However, with the ascendency of the Left and the vitriol of the media and academia against Christianity over the last few years, the percentage of Americans identifying with Christianity has dropped significantly. But the Left is no longer content to merely mock Christians. They now openly hate us and seek to silence us. Why?

Christianity has created more charitable institutions than any other religion—certainly more than atheism has. Consider the vast number of hospitals named after biblical characters, as well as organizations such as the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) and the Salvation Army, both of which have served the public well for generations.  (I would suggest that atheists have started more organizations to oppose Christianity than to help people in need!) Yet the Left pans all the good that Christianity and Christians have done and, without evidence, blame us for the world’s ills.

Why? I suspect that the causes of their hate are quite simple.

First, we are associated with Christ. He stated that people hated Him, and consequently would hate all who followed Him. More on that below.

Despite Leftist attacks, polls show that most Americans still have a generally favorable view of Christ Himself; the notion that He was somehow evil is totally foreign to most. But earlier this year, philosophy of religion teacher at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Timothy Snediker, in response to a Twitter survey question asking respondents what they would do if they could go back 2000 years, wrote, “Easy. I would find and assassinate Jesus of Nazareth.”  Without considering the implications of a man explicitly stating his willingness to cavalierly murder an innocent human being, one must ask what makes Mr. Snediker hate Christ so much that he would broadcast his hatred worldwide. Make no mistake, Mr. Snediker is a hater by his own admission and unembarrassed about it.

I expect that Mr. Snediker would declare that Christ ought to have been assassinated because of wrongs people have committed in His name throughout the centuries. This argument is weak in so many ways that it hardly deserves comment; however, because he is not alone with his wicked intentions, and because he is in a position to poison young minds, I will address his comment. Consider two things: first, to blame Christ for evil acts carried out in His name is like blaming sheep for acts carried out by wolves dressed as sheep. Wicked people have camouflaged themselves as good since the beginning of time, but reasonable minds do not blame the good people for their behavior!

Second, Christianity is inherently authority-centered. By definition it submits to the Lordship of Christ and silently or otherwise testifies to the requirement that all submit to Him. Such allegiance to truth creates discomfort for people who pledge allegiance only to themselves.  Though we all know in our hearts that, as John Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things,” these people are determined to resist the truth regardless. Though imperfect ourselves, we Christians give testimony to the existence of an objective and eternal standard of right and wrong. The Left demands to be measured by no standard and to be free of accountability to anyone, even or especially God.

Those who are old enough might remember a book and film from around fifty years ago called “Silent Spring.” Its premise was that the world would soon be polluted to the point that life would be difficult or impossible if radical changes were not immediately implemented.  Interestingly, in the movie, which was based on the book, a wise man built himself a hothouse in which he could enjoy a healthy, unpolluted environment; however, those who had done the damage to the outside world could not tolerate him having a safe haven while they suffered the consequences of their polluting, so they stormed his hot house and destroyed it. The irony of this is that conservatives today promote morality and the traditional family, which are best for children and civilization itself, as oases in a desert, but, Leftists, such as BLM, have declared their intention to destroy the traditional family and morality. Their life choices preclude the safety and tranquility of a traditional home and family, and they cannot tolerate others enjoying the benefits of their right choices.

Thus, they hate us because we represent a challenge to their authority, and because the inherent goodness and blessedness of Christianity is a constant, irritating reminder of their own rebellion and foolishness.

Where all this anger and hatred leads is not difficult to determine. Mr. Snediker and others like him intend to squeeze Christians out of the public forums and eliminate any influence over culture or politics we might have.  However, they cannot use truth to achieve this aim, for they would then lose. Christians and Christianity, in spite of human failures, have far too good a legacy to be swept aside easily; therefore, Mr. Snediker and the rest are fabricating a false “narrative” of history to paint Christianity’s past with a dark brush and turn the uninformed and ill-informed against the Faith and people who have actually done more good for more people than any others in history. Recent events make it clear that they are more than willing to use violence against us as well.

Lest I be accused of fear-mongering, consider the following: what would be the fate of a person who has been rendered unable to work, or is denied life’s basic necessities? They would die.  That is precisely the objective of the Left toward anyone they label a hater, bigot, or racist, etc.  How many people have they already gotten fired or forced out of business?

Christians do believe that certain activities are wrong and immoral, but we do not force compliance upon others. And in contradistinction to the Left, we operate a multitude of ministries across the nation and world to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those who are suffering the consequences of their choices. We desire good for them and long life! The current situation is reminiscent of Christ’s question as to why Cain killed Abel.  He noted it was because Cain’s works were evil, and Abel’s were righteous. Humorist Mark Twain noted, “there is nothing more irritating than a good example.” Apparently the good example of Christianity is so irritating to the Left that they want us totally silenced, whatever it takes.

But at least we know why they hate us!

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Rev. Thorin Anderson is a member of the Advisory Council to IFI/IFA and the pastor of Parkwood Baptist Church on the south side of Chicago. Pastor Anderson has faithfully pastored at Parkwood Baptist Church since September 8, 2000. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Central Seminary.  He and his wife Toni have 7 children.


PLEASE PRAY: Pray for God’s mercy on our nation as we vote for President, Congress, state & local officials. Pray for wisdom for voters and a safe and fair election. Pray that God would convict the hearts of Christians to come out to vote their Biblical values.

Please also pray that the ongoing FBI investigations in Illinois would expose corruption & usher in new, honest & wise elected officials.