Why Do They Hate Trump?

Written by Thorin Anderson

For most Americans, the hatred of the Leftist Progressives for Donald Trump, which was manifested the moment he became a candidate for president, was a surprise. Other than his position on abortion, which was unknown to most, one would think that his multiple wives, Hollywood career, and colorful language would have made him a favorite of the Left. However, that is not at all what transpired. Incredibly, like no other leader in recent history, the Left hates Trump! While many of the talking heads complain about his public persona, their dismay is a smokescreen.   They act and speak precisely the same. (Just tune in to a Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner for a moment to be embarrassed by their foul rhetoric and gutter humor).

That Trump’s nontraditional behavior is not really the issue for the Left is revealed by their hatred for Vice-President Mike Pence. No one can fault the language or actions of the Vice-President, but Leftists are on record saying that he is even worse than President Trump! That Trump has governed in many ways more conservatively than anyone expected is certainly part of the Left’s problem. But I believe something far deeper and theological in nature is the real source of their hatred.

The Fall of man brought change to every part of our being. Sin does not add anything new to creation but rather distorts and destroys what God created. He placed Adam and Eve in the Garden and gave them dominion over creation. It was to be as gardeners and caretakers that mankind ruled for the good of their posterity and creation; but that changed with the entrance of sin, and caretaking was no longer enough.  Sin darkens us all.  Some hunger for wealth, some seek thrills, others want fame or notoriety. All of us want final say over our own lives, but a few focus their energies and talents not on dominating nature, but on dominating others! Tyrants showed up early in history, and without some moral or cultural restraints such people pose real threats to the rest of us.

I must admit that there are times I wish I could simply speak my will and have it obeyed by the masses. More people would stay married, fewer children would suffer from foolish parenting, and no unborn babies would be executed if I had my way. But I am unwilling and unable to gain that kind of power. However, history is largely the story of men, who were both ambitious and extraordinarily gifted and who made their mark by dominating not just their gardens, but the tides of history. The Fall thus produced super tyrants.

Most of us know their names but little more than that. Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Caesar, Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Castro are only a few of those who saw themselves as more than mere men, as masters. They craved power and control and were willing to use whatever means necessary to obtain it. Those in ancient times saw no need to explain their dominance, they just took what they wanted.

In more recent centuries critics found a voice and forced politicians to justify their accumulated power. Marxism provided a veneer of intellectuality and pseudo compassion for the 20th Century tyrants responsible (along with the development of powerful weapons) for the genocide of millions. According to its economic theory the masses have been exploited by the wealthy elite and need to unite to liberate themselves. Thus, men like Lenin, Stalin and Hitler slaughtered their way to dominance behind a façade of caring for the downtrodden.   They in turn became the ruthless elite.

Not everyone with a penchant for power is as cruel as these men were, of course; However, no one has ever been given absolute power over a nation or state by simply asking for it. Therefore, wily men deceive or slaughter their way to power. Today, as wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, fascists masquerade as antifascists; but Christ was correct: you can judge a tree by its fruit. Despite their protestations otherwise, their dark fascist hearts expose themselves in their destructive, coercive behavior in cities and college campuses across the nation.

It could be that with the world’s easy access to media, the more shrewd, would-be tyrants know that they must be more subtle and seek to appear more humane and caring than their predecessors or they will be exposed. But they cannot forever mask their true intentions.

In the United States the greatest obstacles to the kind of power these people seek are the Constitution and a well-informed, armed citizenry.  Unfortunately, many of the Constitution’s protections have been weakened over the years, and the educational system has been highjacked by a cadre of individuals who apparently see their own ambitions tied to the Marxists. Tragically, this, along with complicit mainstream media mis-informers, has produced a younger citizenry that is largely unaware of the peril of concentrating power in the hands of a few and of the safety found in a democratic republic, which brings us to our point.

For a long time many leaders from both of America’s major political parties have manipulated the political structures to accrue power to themselves. While some among them appear to care little for wealth, (which often misleads the public into thinking they are beneficent), the common denominator of them all is a hunger for power. And for some, the amorality of secularism, in other words being freed from the restraints of Christianity, removes all limits from that appetite. However, Contrary to all expectations, and by God’s sovereign grace, Trump’s election created a singular impediment to their ambitions.

Ironically, Trump has exploited the unconstitutional concentration of power that the elite has brought to the presidency to make some radical changes, but the evidence is that while he is enjoying it himself, he is slowly devolving it back to the people! For the first time Leftist would-be dictators see themselves in real terms and in real time losing ground, and they are not happy! Some optimistic conservatives believe that Trump’s appointments to the federal judiciary alone have set back the Left’s ambition of absolute control over the nation by twenty to thirty years or longer!

This, above all else, has brought him into conflict with the Left and some on the Right. Make no mistake about it, whatever Progressivism was a hundred years ago, today it is ultimately about power, period.

The current Coronavirus crisis has brought this all to a head. Leftists see themselves being exposed as both deceptive and power hungry, and thus anti-liberty. They are doing their best to distract attention from the “man behind the curtain,” but, they know that one-by-one Americans are becoming aware that the Left is not interested in the well-being of the people at all. Whether it be their cozy relationship to America’s enemies like Russia or China or their bizarre and rabid denunciation of Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the Coronavirus, the Left clearly sees opposing Trump and removing him from office as more important than the well-being of the rest of us.

If Trump were merely a traditional Republican insider, the Left would oppose him, but wait him out whether it took four years or eight years.  He is not a Republican insider. He is making real progress in jamming the gears of their machine, frustrating their ambitions, and even turning the clock back, and they hate him for it. It may be that their hatred is especially intense because their ascent to political domination, which they believed was imminent, is being unceremoniously ripped from their hands, and that by a man of the street, an outsider, a non-politician!

While the impact of the Fall is seen in every facet of our lives, it may be that one of its most insidious manifestations is in the evil ambitions of the few who are willing to go to any length to callously dominate others, grinding them under their feet as so much dirt. We Americans, because of our Christian heritage, have only read of such things or seen them from a distance (China and North Korea, for example), and have somehow fallen under the delusion that the enlightened West could never produce such monsters. But do not be fooled.  Scriptures set us straight on that, “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.” There are people seeking power in America today who are as capable of any or all the atrocities we read about in China, Russia, Cuba or North Korea; and unless God has mercy on us and brings about a national revival and humbling before Him, we may find ourselves under their heels all too soon.

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Rev. Thorin Anderson is a member of the Advisory Council to IFI/IFA and the pastor of Parkwood Baptist Church on the south side of Chicago.  Pastor Anderson has faithfully pastored at Parkwood Baptist Church since September 8, 2000. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Central Seminary.  He and his wife Toni have 7 children.

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