Is This Trouble for Joe Biden?

Written by Micah Clark

I know that there is great skepticism towards political polling because of how they are often used to influence rather than measure public opinion. There is also skepticism because many polls seem to prove themselves inaccurate on Election Day.

However, there is a fascinating new poll that may mean trouble for the Biden/Harris ticket. It has findings that you won’t hear on CNN, MSNBC or the other liberal news networks.

The Democracy Institute/Sunday Express Poll shows that President Donald J. Trump got a bump from the Republican convention and now leads Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden 48 percent to 45 percent in the national popular vote. The President also currently leads in key battleground states he needs to win.

What is most interesting about their poll of 1,500 likely voters conducted between August 26-28th is that Brietbart’s news story includes the internal questions.  (Many polls do not release that to the media.)  It also released the poll sample, which is a way polls often covertly skew the outcome, by for example, oversampling Democrats. This poll surveyed 37% D’s 35% R’s and 28% Independents.

Here are the interesting key questions that, if accurately measuring the public pulse, could spell trouble for Joe Biden in November. Notice how different these responses are from the news media and pop culture’s overbearing liberal narrative.

“Which issue is most important to you?”
• Law & order/riots/violence = 37%
• Economy/jobs = 27%
• Education = 13%
• Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic = 13%
• Immigration = 10%

 “Which phrase better fits your own thinking about race in America?”
• Black Lives Matter = 26%
• All Lives Matter = 74%

“Do you approve or disapprove of the removal of historic monuments and statues because certain individuals or groups find them offensive?”
• Approve 15%
• Disapprove 79%
• Don’t Know 6%

“Has President Trump’s approach to the ongoing protests and riots been too tough, just right under the circumstances, or not tough enough?”
• Too tough 23%
• Just right 33%
• Not tough enough 44%

“Has Joe Biden been sufficiently critical of the violent rioting?”
• Yes = 34%
• No = 64%

“Do you support de-funding your local police department?”
• Yes = 16%
• No = 75%

“Should government prioritize law & order on city streets or prioritize improving relations between Black Americans and the police?”
• Law & order = 72%
• Improving relations between Black Americans & police = 26%

“Are you strongly or very enthusiastic about your choice of candidate?”
• Trump voters = 82%
• Biden voters = 40%

“Is your vote for Trump/Biden a positive vote for your candidate or a negative vote against his opponent?
• Trump voters: positive vote = 85%; negative vote = 15%
• Biden voters: positive vote = 34%; negative vote = 66%

This poll seems to go so far against the national narrative that it is either an inaccurate outlier poll, or the media is so far out of touch and so drenched in the liberal narrative that its biased coverage is akin to malpractice.

The question responses are so decisive . . . I think it’s the latter.  There are some strong sentiments in America that the media is willfully ignoring.

This article was originally published by AFA of Indiana.