The Left is Trying to Bring Segregation Back

Written by Peter Heck

Among other places, it recently showed itself in CHAZ, or CHOP, or whatever name the anarchists in Seattle ended up calling their little exercise in autonomy that predictably ended in murder, theft, and humiliating failure.

And don’t think I was rooting against them.

For someone who has always thought it is much easier to point out the superiority of conservative thought by being able to point to actual examples of leftism-in-action rather than arguing against theoretical concepts being taught by unserious utopian dreamers in campus lecture halls to doe-eyed freshmen who are incapable of resisting conformity, I was all for CHAZ continuing in perpetuity.

The sad little garden that came from donated materials? Let it grow the 10 plants it would be capable of supporting and watch what happens when hundreds want it for themselves. The “no police” rule? Let it persist and watch what happens when human nature usurps the novelty of things and begins to act selfishly. And then there was the segregation; oh that fabulous segregation.

If you missed the bossy white girls standing with a sign that identified a certain portion of CHAZ property as “Black Only” before then explaining that it was a place for anyone who “experienced oppression as a result of being black,” you owe it to yourself to watch. Right in front of you, you’ll watch as 70+ years of civil rights gains were wiped out in a small, grassy, Seattle knoll by those usurping that name of that movement in order to receive an undeserved legitimacy.

But now that the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” is no longer “autonomous,” and is now back under the control of the oppressive Seattle police force, their west coast neighbors in California picked up where the CHOPpers left off. If you haven’t heard:

[W]hile deploring racism, the Democratic Legislature in California has voted to codify racial discrimination in state law. On Wednesday the state Senate voted for a constitutional amendment, ACA 5, that would reintroduce racial preferences for who gets a state job or contract, or who is admitted to a state university.

Yes, you’re reading all this right – in the name of eliminating discrimination by race, California lawmakers vote in favor of discrimination by race.

Understanding all this was prompted by the riots following the unjustified killing of George Floyd, The Wall Street Journal editors asked the obvious:

[I]f the problem is police singling out African-American young men without cause, how is the answer to sort people by race in other areas of life, sowing resentment and pitting American against American?

I hope they aren’t expecting an answer. The left won’t offer one because there is none. They’ll just keep hijacking language, coining new terms that will be repeated dutifully by our non-existent free press, and culling a new generation of eager, unthinking soldiers to enforce the new, approved dogma through mob tactics.

One of my favorite recent writer-discoveries, Chloé S. Valdary, pinpoints exactly where this backwards mindset is being fueled. No surprise it’s academia.

We’ll weather this storm, I’m sure. We aren’t going back to segregation. We just desperately need to shame those who in foolish anger argue that we should.

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