The Democratic Agenda: Is This Really What Americans Want?

Written by Laurie Higgins

Democrats label those who object to the Black Lives Matter organization and Critical Race Theory “racist.”

Democrats label as “racist” or Uncle Toms those who have different ideas from Democrats on how to address the problems that plague urban black communities.

Democrats label as ” racist” anyone who objects to police brutality and acts of racism by police but supports police departments.

Democrats fire people for moral or political views with which they disagree.

Democrats urge book-banning and call it “decolonizing your bookshelf.”

Democrats support the sexual integration of women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, sports, and prisons.

Democrats endorse human slaughter through all nine months of pregnancy for any and no reason and want taxpayers to pay for them.

Democrats heartily endorse the practice of placing slaughterhouses in neighborhoods of color in order to profit from the destruction of black and brown lives.

Democrats support reparations for blacks.

Democrats will destroy the economy through regulation, taxation, and the Green New Deal, thereby hurting the most vulnerable among us.

Democrats refuse to allow families with children trapped in low-performing, dangerous schools to have school choice.

Democrats support the chemical sterilization and surgical mutilation of gender-dysphoric minors.

Democrats support “LGBTQIAP” indoctrination in government and private schools from pre-school through high school.

Democrats censor all resources in government schools that espouse ideas with which Democrats disagree on matters related to race and sexuality.

Democrats support drag queen story hours.

Democrats prohibit adoption and foster care agencies from placing infants and children exclusively with families that affirm conservative views of sexuality.

Democrats say women can have penises and men can menstruate and then call conservatives “science-deniers.”

Democrats support the “Equality Act” which explicitly guts the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Democrats appease the Chinese Communist government for a few more buckets of ducats.

Democrats condemn peaceful protests of quarantines, Jewish funerals, and lake parties for jeopardizing the health of others, while cheering street protests and rogue nations that shriek droplets of spittle ostensibly laden with coronavirus.

Democrats now capitalize “Blacks” and “Browns” while keeping “whites” lowercase, thereby establishing actual “institutional racism.”

Democrats support open borders (except in CHAZ/CHOP).

The next election is not really about Donald Trump or Joe Biden. It’s about principles and proxies (e.g., Pompeo, Pence, and Barr vs. whomever leftists choose to prop up marionette Biden).

Teach your children well.

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