SPOTLIGHT: COVID-19, Civil Rights & Public Policy

Written by David E. Smith

The effects of COVID-19 reach far beyond the realm of human health. In Spotlight this week Pastor Calvin Lindstrom and I consider Americans’ right of religious liberty vs. submission to governmental authorities, especially in light of restrictions on “non-essential,” in-person worship services and church gatherings. Should Christians be governed by Hebrews 10:25 or Romans 13 and what is a proper, biblical response to government overreach?

After the break the conversation turns to pending legislation, specifically SB 2762 which would require comprehensive sex ed starting in kindergarten (with NO parental opt-out) and SB 3788 which, among other things, deletes teaching honor and respect for monogamous, heterosexual marriage. Pastor Lindstrom presents strong reasons to pursue private Christian education or home education once the school shutdown is lifted and provides informative resources for families (here and here). The podcast concludes with encouragement from Pastor Lindstrom to stay engaged in the political process and to VOTE!

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Calvin Lindstrom is the pastor of Christian Liberty Academy and the Church of Christian Liberty in Arlington Heights, IL. He is also a long-time IFA board member.

Take ACTION: Click HERE to contact your state lawmakers. Respectfully urge them to vote NO on SB 2762 and SB 3788.

For more information regarding the State Day of Prayer on Friday, April 24, please check out this article, posted on the Illinois Family Institute website.

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