U.S. Senator Durbin Wants Some Preemies to Live and Others to Die

Written by Laurie Higgins

Dead-baby supporters U.S. Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, along with 42 collaborators helped defeat Senator Ben Sasse’s attempt to prohibit infanticide. Durbin took to the Senate floor to lie about Sasse’s bill by referring to it as an abortion bill despite the fact that he knows it has nothing to do with restricting access to abortion. Sasse’s bill, the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act, would have required doctors to treat babies who survive abortions just as they would treat any other babies who are born alive. Sasse’s billa post-natal, post-abortion billwould not have affected abortion. 

It was not only what Durbin did in voting for infanticide but also what he said on the Senate floor that reveals his moral and intellectual vacuity.

On the Senate floor before the vote, Durbin complained that the “net result” of the vote “is not going to … change anything for the better in the United States.”

He’s right. The unholy commitment of “progressives” to promoting women’s non-existent legal and moral right to ensure the deaths of their delivered babies who survive in utero attempts to kill them ensures that nothing changes for the better.

But if “progressives” would acknowledge that babies born alive are entitled to medical care, something would change for the better for those babies. Durbin and Duckworth have the dubious honor of supporting both feticide and infanticide.

Immediately after whining about being forced to cast a vote that would reveal his support for infanticide, and with no evident sense of irony, Durbin expressed his desire to lower the infant mortality rate in the United States. I kid you not. Durbin supports infanticide while claiming to care deeply about infant mortality. Durbin scolded the Senate, saying,

The United States currently ranks 32nd out of 35 industrial nations when it comes to infant mortality. That’s right 32nd out of 35 when it comes to the survival of babies in the United States once born. … Babies born in the United States are three times more likely to die of premature birth … than babies in comparably rich nations.

Someone needs to ask Durbin why prematurely born babies whose mothers want them alive should be treated medically while prematurely born babies whose mothers want them dead should be left to die. What exactly is his moral argument in defense of allowing some preemies to be left to die?

Come Election Day, remember Durbin’s support for infanticide.

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