Latest Scandal Reminds Us Who Bernie Sanders Really Is

Written by Peter Heck

Despite the mainstream media blackout (did you really expect anything less from the Democrat Media Complex protecting one of its own?), the bomb dropped on the Bernie Sanders campaign by the conservative investigative journalist group Project Veritas is making its rounds. If you haven’t yet seen or heard:

A Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign field organizer was caught on hidden video making some astounding statements, including defending Stalin’s murderous Soviet gulags, equating Trump voters to Nazis that need to be “re-educated,” saying “cities will burn” if Trump wins re-election, and saying Milwaukee and other cities “will burn” if Sanders does not win the Democratic nomination.

Now, to be completely honest, no one should be surprised by the video. This is precisely the following that Bernie Sanders has fostered, encouraged, and cultivated throughout his political career. Spend any time observing the Sanders political movement and you know that this Kyle Jurek is the quintessential Bernie Bro.

Let’s not forget the facts about who Bernie Sanders is:

  • In college, was a member of Young People’s Socialist League
  • Lived in an Israeli enclave founded by a Soviet spy
  • Member of the Liberty Union Party that called for government takeover of banks and private utility companies
  • Led the American People’s History Society, a Marxist organization spouting ahistorical propaganda
  • Adorned his mayoral office in Burlington, Vermont with a Soviet flag
  • Honeymooned in the Soviet Union with his second wife
  • Used executive authority to enact tax hikes and price controls in Burlington
  • Backed the Socialist Workers Party, a Marxist group pursuing government takeover of the entire energy industry
  • Coordinated with East German and Soviet operatives in undermining Reagan’s defense measures in Europe
  • Traveled to Nicaragua to celebrate the communist Sandinista regime
  • Spoke at an anti-American rally held by communists in Nicaragua
  • Applauded the silencing of all critics and hostile press by communist dictator Daniel Ortega
  • Spoke at the communist U.S. Peace Council, a group focused on “the triumph of Soviet power in the U.S.”
  • Attempted to enact an Orwellian named “Fairness Doctrine” to silence conservative talk radio
  • Supported and promoted the socialist Occupy Wall Street movement

For someone whose public character is defined by this unfettered support for radical, violent, oppressive ideologies and regimes, is it any wonder that his campaign would hire and pay staff members that boast about re-education camps, the virtues of the gulag, and the prospect of leading violent, fiery riots to take by force what was denied to them by popular vote?

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t think we should condemn Bernie Sanders or reject his candidacy simply on the basis of the radically un-American ideas voiced by his paid staffers. No, I think Bernie’s candidacy should be rejected because he’s a wealth-hoarding elite who moonlights as a champion of the common man, touting historically disastrous socialist schemes designed to confiscate your property, destroy free enterprise, and extinguish American prosperity in the name of “fairness.”

What’s fascinating about this story – besides the pathetic Democrat Media Complex refusing to even mention what they would cover wall to wall if it were a Trump campaign staffer – is to see if it provokes others to join the few sane voices on the left who are already warning the Democrat Party about its dangerous flirtation with this radical fringe candidacy.

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