SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Michelle Cretella on the “Trans” Ideology Menace

Written by David E. Smith

Our first Spotlight of December features a portion of a presentation given by Dr. Michelle Cretella at the 2019 Illinois Family Institute Worldview Conference on “Trans” Ideology. Dr. Cretella discusses the differences between true, biological science, which supports pro-life and pro-family propositions, and the anti-science cult of gender ideology, which is preached by mainstream medicine, psychiatry, public and private education systems, and social and mass media.

Dr. Cretella also addresses the serious implications of the transgender movement: erasure of parents’ rights, women’s rights, and religious freedom; establishment of gender identity as a protected class; as well as potential legal action that awaits anyone who persists in using “discriminatory” language, i.e. biologically-correct pronouns.

In addition, Dr. Cretella describes the “institutionalized child abuse” that is inflicted on physically healthy children as young as 11-13 as they progress through the process of gender transitioning and she gives valuable advice regarding how to handle your children’s visits to the pediatrician.

Dr. Cretella is a practicing, board-certified pediatrician with a focus on adolescent, mental, and sexual health. She is the executive director of the conservative, pro-life, pro-family American College of Pediatricians.

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