How Democrats Became Science Deniers

Written by Israel Wayne

2019 found the Democratic party in the United States trying to out-do each other in terms of how radical and progressive they could sound. On the issue of abortion, it seems that many leading Democrats have never found an unborn baby they aren’t willing to have killed.

Radical Pro-Abortion Democrats

New York U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), a professing Roman Catholic, states: “And let us not forget the guiding principle of ‘the least among us’ found in Matthew: that we are compelled to care for the hungry, thirsty, homeless, naked, sick and, yes—the imprisoned.” Somehow synthesizes that statement with her view that babies (the most innocent and defenseless among us) should be legally killed even up to the final moments before birth!

She has stated: “Abortion bans aren’t just about controlling women’s bodies…They’re about controlling women’s sexuality. Owning women. From limiting birth control to banning comprehensive sex ed, U.S. religious fundamentalists are working hard to outlaw sex that falls outside their theology.” Illinois Family Institute has reported previously how radical AOC’s views are, and how far they are from the actual teachings of the Bible.

United States Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) have both sought radical federal legislation that would unconstitutionally eradicate states’ rights. Warren Tweeted:

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was once asked, “Can you name a single circumstance at any point in a pregnancy in which you would be okay with abortion being illegal?” Sanders could not think of any exceptions that would ever make any abortion illegal at any stage.

Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana (home of the Roman Catholic Notre Dame University), decided to bring the Bible into a discussion about his radical pro-abortion views:

“Now, right now, (Republicans) hold everybody in line with this one kind of piece of doctrine about abortion, right, which is obviously a tough issue for a lot of people to think through morally. Then again, you know, there’s a lot of parts of the Bible that talk about how life begins with breath, and so even that is something that we can interpret differently. …

“No matter where you think about the kind of cosmic question of where life begins, most Americans can get on board with the idea of, alright, I might draw the line here, you might draw the line there, but the most important thing is the person who should be drawing the line is the woman making the decision.”[i]

What is startling about Buttigieg’s comments is not merely the audacious claim that an unborn human is not alive until the moment of their first breath. It is fascinating the Buttigieg has decided to become both a self-proclaimed Bible scholar and a science denier in the same paragraph. To claim that there is no objective standard for determining when life begins is not merely culturally tone-deaf, it goes against the views of the vast majority of biologist and medical professionals in the scientific community.

Democrats Out of Touch with Voters

According to a Gallup Poll, most Americans do not favor late-term abortions, with only 13 percent supporting third trimester abortions. But among the medical community, the disparity is even greater.

Ninety-three percent of Americans agree human life should be legally protected once it begins, and 80 percent believe biologists are most qualified to tell us when it begins. So, what do most biologists believe about the beginning of life? It may surprise you that their views are not what the media and leftist politicians want us to believe.

Democrats Out of Touch With Science

Steve Jacobs is a recent Ph.D graduate from the University of Chicago’s Department of Comparative Human Development. Jacobs designed a massive survey that was sent to the biology departments of more than a thousand academic institutions worldwide.

“As the usable responses began to come in, I found that 5,337 biologists (96 percent) affirmed that a human’s life begins at fertilization, with 240 (4 percent) rejecting that view,” Jacobs wrote. “The majority of the sample identified as liberal (89 percent), pro-choice (85 percent) and non-religious (63 percent). In the case of Americans who expressed party preference, the majority identified as Democrats (92 percent).”

The New Left

If 96 percent of biologists believe life begins at fertilization, and 93 percent of Americans say such lives should be protected, why then has the Democratic leadership promoted such an unequivocal pro-death position? The Democratic party isn’t even close to centrist anymore. The new Democratic leaders are ideologues who wish to move our nation is a strongly socialistic and Marxist direction. They are revolutionaries who are deconstructing the U.S. Constitution, our Christian heritage, common sense and now even science, to fulfill their radical social engineering goals.

Centrist Democrats need to abandon the party of social revolution and be willing to defend Constitutional principles and common sense. Most important, Centrist Democrats, Independents and Liberal Republicans need to agree that all human life deserves to be protected. Surely nothing can be more basic to our freedom and future than the right to live.

As one friend of mine once said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, they left me.” The party of Kennedy has morphed into the party of Gramsci, Marx and Lenin. The anti-child views of China’s infamous one-child policy are the mainstream views of the anti-child leaders of the Democratic party. We need to decide what version of America we want to live in. If you have doubts about our nation’s future, if the current views of the DNC prevail, look no further than the history of Communism in the 20th century.

Ideas have consequences, and you don’t get a do-over on human life. Now is the time to change course and reject those who would turn our nation into the very systems we fought against in WWI, WWII, the Korean and Vietnam Wars. These anti-life radicals aren’t motivated by the good of the people, or scientific facts. They are motivated by a blind adherence to Marxist principles, at the expense of destroying historic American values and virtues. What kind of America do we intend to leave to our grandchildren? The choices we make now, in our homes, communities and in the voting booth, will make all the difference.

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