Why is Any Christian Surprised by Buttigieg’s Depraved Abortion Comments?

Written by Peter Heck

I’ve been surprised at the number of Christians who appear stunned that Mayor Pete Buttigieg made startlingly depraved remarks regarding the intentional murder of full-term babies in their mothers’ wombs.

If you missed it, it happened on Morning Joe when co-host Willie Geist explained that while religious conservatives were intrigued by Buttigieg, they could not get past his support for the heinous act of third-term abortion.  In response, Mayor Pete put together a word salad of heartlessness:

The way I explain this and it’s something that I think any pro-choice candidate from a conservative state faces, and that is I respect and understand where others are coming from. Many of my supporters, many of my friends view this issue differently. But we’re talking about who gets to make that decision.

Actually, that’s not true.  That may be how Buttigieg and those committed to the cult of abortion justify their cowardice, but what we’re talking about is whether or not this is something where there should ever be a choice of this nature.  Not who gets to make the choice, but whether there should even be a choice.

For instance, suppose a husband discovers his wife is cheating on him.  Should we be having a conversation about who it is that gets to make the choice whether he murders his wife or not?  Is that a sane, legitimate discussion that a civil society would indulge?  Of course not.  There’s no reason to have a conversation about who gets to make the choice to kill the cheating wife because that should never be a choice at all.

And why shouldn’t it be?  Because life – even the life of an unfaithful wife – is precious and inviolable.  And it’s the same situation with the unborn.  Life – even the life of an unwanted or handicapped baby – is precious an inviolable.  Therefore no one should get to make a choice to have the baby murdered.

That Mayor Pete seems blissfully unaware of such a fundamentally obvious principle – one rooted in the universal Moral Law of the God he claims to worship – is quite revealing.

But as I intimated earlier, it should come as no surprise.  As a man “married” to another man, Pete Buttigieg has willfully chosen to live in abject disobedience to the authority of God.  He has chosen his own will over the Father’s.  Not only that, but he has blasphemously laid the responsibility for his own commission of sin at the feet of God Himself.  That type of defiance of God echoes back to the Garden of Eden where first Adam blamed God for his sin (“The woman YOU put here gave me the fruit”) and then Eve followed suit (“The serpent YOU placed here deceived me”).

Of course every believer should be praying for Pete Buttigieg to come to repentance and an awareness that God’s will is always better for us than the will of our own sinful nature.  But until he does, just like with these depraved remarks on Morning Joe, we Christians should also stop being surprised when Buttigieg’s rebellion towards God manifests in plain sight.

This article was originally published at PeterHeck.com.