Illinois Conservatives Send Santa An Open Letter

Dear Santa,

We know you’re very busy this time of year, but we hope you’ll take a moment to consider our Christmas wish list.

As you know, we’ve been very good for goodness sake. You see us when we’re sleeping and you know when we’re awake, so you know many of us got very little sleep the past several election cycles. We were very busy contacting voters, raising funds, knocking on doors, attending fundraisers and supporting good candidates. The “raising funds and attending fundraisers” parts have been especially difficult since we have such confiscatory taxes in Illinois. After paying taxes, we don’t have much remaining in the way of discretionary income. Be very glad that you, Mrs. Santa, the elves and the reindeer all live at the North Pole. I’m sure your taxes are much lower than ours.

BTW, some advice to you from the grassroots: Jacob Marley, Ebenezer Scrooge and their friends in Springfield deserve coal in their stockings (that is, if you can find any coal since Obama’s EPA closed down Illinois’ coal industry). Their many years of greed and lust for power have bankrupted the whole state and caused many good people to fee. Count on your work in Illinois to go more quickly this year since there are far fewer families to visit.

Below is our Christmas wish list. Please send us IL GOP leadership who will:

  • Unite and inspire all Illinois Republicans;
  • Put the platform front and center;
  • GROW the party and provide a real GOTV outreach program and plan;
  • Focus on funding from many sources, not exclusively on a few wealthy individuals;
  • Have the ability to cast a vision for success and accomplish objectives;
  • Build cohesive teams, raise up and build into future leaders, discern the gifts and talents of volunteers and help them find their sweet spot in the party.
  • And last but not least, please send legislators who have wisdom, discernment and basic math skills who will stop digging the hole they’ve put us all in and start working on SOLUTIONS to this mess.

We hope you and the reindeer can deliver. We would offer to pick up, but it looks like our gas taxes are going up, so many of us will soon be riding bicycles without much cargo capacity.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.


Illinois Conservative Union

Illinois Conservative Union (ICU) exists to build and maintain a coalition of conservative organizations and grassroots activists throughout the state of Illinois. The goal is to have a positive impact on the fnancial and moral trajectory of the state. Conservative values and principles are time-tested, having a proven historical record of success in improving the lives of people around the globe. Illinois Conservative Union is organized as a not-for-proft 501(c)(4), non-partisan, State of Illinois Bona Fide Civic Organization.