2018 General Election Picks from IFA-pac

Written by David E. Smith

The November 6th election is just around the corner! Prior to going to the polls, make sure that you know where your candidates stand on the issues: taxpayer funding of abortion, transgender birth certificates, marijuana legalization, religious freedom and much more! For more information, please review the Illinois Family Institute’s Voter Guide before casting your ballot.

We don’t have to remind our readers how critically important it is to exercise your civic duty to vote and be good stewards of God’s amazing gift of self-government. We the people have the responsibility of selecting honest, wise and God-fearing people to represent us locally, in Springfield and in Washington D.C.

If you will be out of town, are disabled, or have a busy schedule, you may want to consider the “vote by mail” option.  Upon request, your local county clerk will send any qualified registered voter a ballot by mail. There is simply no excuse for not voting in this election!

Illinois Family Action’s board members are pleased to endorse the following candidates for office in the 2018 General Election. Many of these endorsements reflect stark differences between candidates who hold pro-life and pro-family positions and those who do not.

Every election is critical for the direction of life, marriage, religious liberty and host of other family issues. We support these candidates because they have articulated personal commitment to pro-life and pro-marriage principles, or have a proven public voting record that demonstrates a commitment to these bedrock principles.

We encourage you to pray for each of these candidates, their families and campaigns.  It is not an easy endeavor to run for public office.

Illinois Statewide Races:

Governor – Sam McCann (rescinded)

Illinois State Senate:

State Senate Dist. 32 – Craig Wilcox

State Senate Dist. 45 – Brian Stewart

State Senate Dist. 48 – Seth McMillan

State Senate Dist. 54 – Jason Plummer

Illinois State House:

State Rep. Dist. 19 – Ammie Kessem

State Rep. Dist. 35 – Herbert Hebein

State Rep. Dist. 42 – Amy Grant

State Rep. Dist. 46 – Jay Kinzler

State Rep. Dist. 48 – Peter Breen

State Rep. Dist. 49 – Tonia Khouri

State Rep. Dist. 54 – Thomas Morrison

State Rep. Dist. 55 – Marilyn Smolenski

State Rep. Dist. 56 – Jillian Rose Bernas

State Rep. Dist. 62 – Ken Idstein

State Rep. Dist. 64 – Tom Weber

State Rep. Dist. 65 – Dan Ugaste

State Rep. Dist. 71 – Tony McCombie

State Rep. Dist. 72 – Glen Evans Sr.

State Rep. Dist. 86 –  Rick Laib

State Rep. Dist. 88 –  Keith Sommer

State Rep. Dist. 89 –  Andrew Chesney

State Rep. Dist. 95 – Avery Bourne

State Rep. Dist. 97 – Mark Batinick

State Rep. Dist. 107 – Blaine Wilhour

State Rep. Dist. 109 – Darren Bailey

State Rep. Dist. 110 – Chris Miller

State Rep. Dist. 111 – Mike Babcock

State Rep. Dist. 112 – Dwight Kay

State Rep. Dist. 113 – Doug Jameson

Federal Races:

U.S. House Dist. 9 – John Elleson


The following candidates fell short of earning an IFA-pac endorsement in this election cycle, however, the board of directors have decided to recommend them to voters in these districts:


State Rep. Dist. 37 – Margo McDermed

State Rep. Dist. 51 – Helene Miller Walsh

State Rep. Dist. 116 – Jerry Costello

State Rep. Dist. 117 – Jason Wooland

State Rep. Dist. 118 – Natalie Phelps Finnie

State Rep. Dist. 89 – Andrew Chesney

Additional Thoughts

Most of our readers will agree that the Illinois Republican Party suffers from a number of problems, including these:

1.) Failure to act and speak with courage, conviction, and consistency on the dismissively called “social issues.”

2.) Failure even to recognize that the dismissively called “social issues” are critical issues. In fact, they are issues more critical to the welfare of its families, the state and country than, for example, tax rates and pension sanity. No country that fails to recognize the nature of marriage and family, the importance of religious liberty, the rights of children, or the dignity and worth of all human life can flourish.

Fortunately, there are yet men and women who are wise and courageous, recognizing and standing firm for truth even against bracing political winds. Wise and courageous men and women who defend the lives of those that others have decided are unworthy of life deserve our vigorous and vocal support. That is why we are pleased to endorse or recommend the candidates listed above.

Please make every effort to cast your ballot on or before November 6th to ensure that the best candidates are elected.

Lastly, it is important to point out that if conservatives fail to vote in any election, we enable the Progressive Left to take the reins of government, which means bigger government and less individual freedom. This is a dangerous proposition, as the Left seems to be moving steadily further out on the left-wing of the political spectrum, and now is openly embracing socialism.

We cannot remain silent and/or indifferent in the face of this destructive agenda.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at Feedback@ifiaction.org.


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