SPOTLIGHT: If You’re Wrong on Life, You’re Just Wrong

Written by Benjamin Smith

The mid-term election is less than two weeks away and early voting is in full swing! With that in mind, Dave Smith and Monte Larrick welcome Richard Hartian, Chairman of the IFA Board of Directors, to Illinois Family Spotlight. Chairman Hartian stresses that Christians cannot abdicate their God-given right to vote and he offers sound, biblical reasons why we should vote in alignment with biblical principles that promote, protect, and preserve life, marriage, and family. Our hosts and guest also discuss why issues of morality must always prevail over financial (and other) considerations when we cast our vote.

In the second half of the podcast, Hartian, Larrick, and Smith address the extraordinarily bizarre actions of Conservative Party Gubernatorial Candidate Sam McCann and the ensuing implications for the governor’s race as well as for State Representative Tom Morrison’s critical contest in the 54th District. In light of the lackluster options on the gubernatorial ticket, down-ballot races are even more important in this election cycle, and the podcast concludes with highlights of several pro-life, pro-family, IFA-endorsed and recommended candidates throughout Illinois.

Our call-to-action for listeners: donate $25 or $50 to the campaign efforts of Tom Morrison.

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