IFA Rescinds Our Endorsement of Sam McCann for Governor

Written by Laurie Higgins

Conservative Party gubernatorial candidate Sam McCann just committed an 11th-hour betrayal of fellow conservative Tom Morrison (R-54th) so stunning and so manifestly dishonest that Illinois Family Action (and other conservative organizations) is rescinding its recent endorsement of McCann. In a phone conversation with IFA Executive Director David E. Smith this afternoon, McCann doubled down on his incredible claim calling Morrison a “Raunerite.” It seems that in addition to losing his moral compass, McCann has lost his political compass.

As you can see from the featured image accompanying this article, McCann sent out a mailer to residents of Tom Morrison’s district depicting the stalwart conservative Tom Morrison, who is in a very tight race, as a RINO and toady for Pinocchio Rauner. In so doing, McCann richly deserves the moniker Pinocchio McCann. (Click HERE  to see flip side of political hit mailer.)

Tom Morrison has proven himself to be not only a man of unimpeachable integrity but also a Republican who stands unashamedly and boldly for the entire Republican platform, including the social issues. Morrison is one of the very few state representatives to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Jeanne Ives on even the most difficult votes. McCann’s mailer is the ethical equivalent of Pinocchio Rauner’s utterly deceitful mailers that ludicrously claimed Jeanne Ives was in House Speaker Madigan’s pocket.

While conservatives reel at McCann’s traitorous and deceitful mailer, trying to understand his motives, many  believe his motive can be found in his cozy relationship with public sector unions. While Morrison has courageously opposed union demands that have bankrupted Illinois, McCann continues to enjoy the kind of relationship with unions that we expect from Democrats. Apparently, they have bought and paid for McCann.

In State Representative Jeanne Ives statement about McCann’s betrayal, she wonders about possible motives:

These attacks on Morrison demand a response, as they are patently false. Tom Morrison is one of the few state legislators in Springfield who stands up for conservative values and has stood up to Rauner on both fiscal and social issues every time they are under attack in the Illinois House. He is one of the most reliable conservative votes in Springfield.

Is Sam McCann working for Mike Madigan? Is he hoping to receive favorable treatment under a Governor Pritzker? Is he so clueless that he doesn’t realize how his platform is being used by the state’s vicious public sector unions? I don’t know. And I don’t really care.

These mailers against Morrison are lies. And they are disqualifying.

Some Illinois conservatives looking for a candidate who represents their pro-life values had found hope in McCann’s candidacy. Illinois Conservatives have once again been betrayed.

Illinois does not need either another bald-faced liar or a quisling as governor.  What Illinois does need are more leaders exactly like Tom Morrison.

Read State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) responds HERE.

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