State Rep. Morrison: Vote for Jeanne Ives and Help Spread the Word!

Written by John Biver

A lot can be said in a matter of a couple of minutes as State Representative Tom Morrison demonstrates in this short video endorsing Jeanne Ives for governor.

Election day is this coming Tuesday,  and Ives is going to need every vote the pro-family community can help her get. Unlike so many primary races, this time conservatives have a genuine choice: genuine conservative Jeanne Ives or failed governor Bruce Rauner who has struck out on all 44 of his “turn around agenda” items and signed into law some of the most radical social policy legislation in the country.

In this video, Rep. Morrison outlines the misinformation that is being passed around to his neighbors in Palatine via Rauner’s ads:

[S]hameful Rauner TV and radio ads [are] trying to take [Ives’] words out of context to distort her record. It’s so easy to deconstruct these arguments if you actually know the facts.

Rauner would have Republicans believe that Ives is Democratic Party State House Speaker Mike Madigan’s candidate. But Morrison accurately states that Jeanne Ives is “the real conservative in this race,” and she is endorsed by her conservative colleagues and many Republican organizations. Illinois Family Action has endorsed Ives’ candidacy as well. And in a huge victory for Ives, National Review has formally endorsed her, saying, Ives is “both a superior candidate and a solid politician in her own right…. Illinois Republicans should vote for Ives, the only conservative on the ballot.”

Morrison reminds everyone about 2014 when several conservatives trusted Rauner. Since then, Rauner has “really let us down these last three and a half years.”

As someone who serves in the state house with Ives, Morrison says that he is supporting her because “there has been no greater fighter for taxpayers or families than Jeanne Ives.”

Morrison cites media figures weighing in on the Illinois GOP primary voters’ choice. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called Rauner “a fake Republican governor.” The Daily Herald’s Jim Slusher said that it only takes 30 seconds of study to realize that the actions of Mike Madigan and those of Jeanne Ives make Rauner’s attack ads laughable. Greg Hinz from Crain’s Chicago Business said that sinking to such a low level in those campaign ads only diminishes Rauner. The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass called out Rauner for twisting Jeanne Ives’ words to make it sound as if she is defending Madigan.

The Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins put together a well-researched article laying out the details about Rauner’s deceptive ads — you can read it here.

State Rep. Tom Morrison urges support for Ives: “You can do it confidently — tell your friends — spread this video around!”

The primary election is next Tuesday, March 20th. Please help rally support for the best choice for governor Illinois Republicans have had in a generation: Jeanne Ives.

(View the IFA Illinois GOP gubernatorial comparison piece HERE.)

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