Paul Simon Institute Polls Satisfy Everyone but Illinois Citizens

Written by Pat Hickey

The Chicago Tribune writes that “The (Paul Simon Institute) survey found Bruce Rauner, the first-term governor, leading his Republican challenger, three-term state Rep. Jeanne Ives of Wheaton, 51 percent to 31 percent, with 18 percent undecided or favoring someone else.”

Before Ives’ supporters allow defeatism to creep in, here’s a word on polling from the American Association of Public Opinion Research: “[E]ven the best public opinion poll is only a snapshot of public opinion at the particular moment in time, not an eternal truth.”

The Paul Simon Institute (PSI) has trotted out percentages and pie-charts that proved Illinois could not wait for civil unions, or to redefine marriage, and really needs to score some legal weed, ASAP.

The Paul Simon Institute helped to bring to fruition those first two outcomes. Civil unions and then same-sex faux-marriage became legal realities thanks to the stroke of Governor Pat Quinn’s pen, and soon JB Pritzker or Danny Biss will pass legal weed in Illinois. The poll from Paul Simon SAYS SO.

Simon Says this, and politicians make it so.

On October 3, 2016, the Paul Simon Institute Presidential Election Polling (margin for error 3.3%) concluded that Hillary Clinton’s 53.2% would beat Donald Trump’s 28.4%. While Illinois voting almost matched the PSI pre-cast prediction,  the outcome of the 2016 election was most unsatisfying to the PSI pollsters

The Paul Simon Institute allowed Governor Pat Quinn to sign more legislation than Rod Blagojevich -“Quinn moved Illinois in a liberal direction, banning the death penalty, approving gay marriage and raising the income tax rate 67 percent to help bail out a state treasury in disarray.”

How did all that work out, for you, Illini?

Pat Quinn could not have done in Illinois without the polling of the Paul Simon Institute.

A recent poll conducted by the PSI of a random 1,000 phone-surveyed folks with a stated plus or minus 3.3% proved liars of all the people who left Illinois, intend to leave Illinois, or are trapped and chained in the their root sellers outside of Teutopolis and made the case for JB Pritzker or Dan Biss in November as well.

Examples of the Paul Simon Institutes translated into clear speech of its most recent satisfying outcomes:

  • Jeanne Ives can’t possibly beat Bruce Rauner, so voters should just go along.
  • Bruce Rauner must face any Democrat in November to lose and be rewarded.
  • Illinois voters must keep the power in the hands of the powerful few.

Take the polls for what they happen to be: Progressive Shouting Points.

Vote for the only independent person running for governor: Jeanne Ives. Jeanne Ives challenges all voters to not only challenge the rigged poll numbers but also the powerful interests behind those polls. It’s time to follow a genuine leader, an Army veteran who knows what needs to be done and has the will to make that happen.

I voted for Jeanne Ives on March 5th when early voting opened the booths in my neighborhood.

The only poll that matters is the one you take in an election voter’s booth.

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