February Matching Challenge for IFA

I am pleased to announce that in an effort to help Illinois Family ACTION raise $40,000 by the end of February, two generous donors have offered to match donations to IFI all the way up to $20,000! So between now and the end of this month, you can double the impact of your giving!

Last year, a handful of legislative votes stood between pro-family policies and further cultural decay in Springfield. If we had had the support of only three more pro-life lawmakers in the Illinois House, your tax dollars would not be paying for abortions today.

The mission of Illinois Family Action, in part, is to work on the political front to help get God-fearing men and women into the legislative branch, thereby preventing legislation like taxpayer-funded abortion from becoming law. Our sister organization, Illinois Family Institute, works to educate our elected officials about the pros and cons of legislative proposals before them and to inform Illinois citizens of the consequences of these policies should they become law.

When the public is informed and voice their opposition to terrible bills, even some Democrats respond to the concerns of their constituents.

The upcoming primary election is vitally important. We simply cannot afford more weak-kneed and/liberal politicians in Springfield.

Instead, we need to elect bold conservative leaders who are not susceptible to the pressures of leftist groups like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and Equality Illinois.

Any gifts you make this month to IFA will enable us to make a HUGE impact in four or five legislative races in the March 20th primary!

“Yes, I want to support IFA’s pro-family work for the Illinois General Assembly!”

As unfortunate (and crazy) as some of the cultural battles are, there is a growing realization that those pushing the radical left-wing social agenda have gone too far. Now is the time for Illinois Family Action to reach more people with the facts that were until very recently considered common sense and to help conservative candidates triumph over their leftist opponents.

Most Illinoisans do not want females forced to share private spaces (e.g., restrooms, locker rooms, and showers) with males.

Most Illinoisans do not want the religious liberty and free speech rights of medical professionals (or anyone else) infringed upon.

Most Illinoisans do not want legal documents like birth certificates and driver’s licenses to be falsified.

If you want to see polling data, conduct your own poll. Ask your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Despite what the far-left “mainstream” media or pop culture would have you believe, most Americans haven’t yet lost their minds.

This election cycle brings not just the chance to defend ground but also to gain ground.

Funding Illinois Family Action is an ongoing challenge, but in a state of over 12 million people where the majority hasn’t yet gone mad, there are plenty of people committed to keeping Illinois from becoming an asylum run by leftist inmates untethered from reality and morality.

Please help us meet or exceed this matching challenge so that we can affect the March 20th primary! Remember, this challenge expires at the end of this month!

Please DONATE ONLINE or call the IFA office
at (708) 781-9371 to support our work.

Donations to IFA’s political work are not tax deductible.

May God bless you and your family.


David E. Smith
Executive Director

P.S. Help us reach our goal of raising a total of $40,000 by the end of the month — Donate today! To make a credit card donation over the phone, call the IFA office at (708) 781-9371. You can also send a gift to:

Illinois Family Action
P.O. Box 93
Mokena, IL  60448

P.P.S. It is important that we turn our attention to ensuring that pro-family incumbent state legislators remain in office and that more are elected. That will happen with your help in getting the 2018 IFI Voter Guide in the hands of more Illinois values voters, particularly those in districts where there are key races. But we need the funding to complete this important project. Click HERE to make a online donation today.

Thank you for your support!