Shock Poll: 67 Percent of Americans Believe Dems are Out of Touch

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Written by Robert Eno

Despite the media’s best efforts to attack conservatives and Republicans, it seems the American people aren’t buying it. After three months of wall-to-wall coverage about Russian interference in the election, and a general hostile attitude by the media, 96 percent of Trump’s voters would vote for him again, according to a new ABC News/ Washington Post poll.

But that’s not even the biggest story to come out of the poll. A staggering number of American voters think the Democratic Party is “out of touch” with “people’s concerns.”

The media have been focused on the horse-race numbers coming out of the poll. Numerous outlets have run stories that show Donald Trump winning by a 43-40 percent margin if the election were held today. In a bit of media bias that would make even the most shameless propagandist blush, The Hill went with this headline, “Poll: 85 percent of Clinton supporters would vote for her again.” While those are nice hypothetical horse-race numbers, they hide what the media really don’t want to talk about.

The real headlines should be about how distasteful voters think the Democratic Party is. When asked the question, “Do you think the Democratic Party is in touch with the concerns of most people in the United States today, or is it out of touch?” a whopping 67 percent said the Democratic Party was “out of touch.”

The “out of touch” percentage was five percent higher than the same question asked of the Republican Party, and a whopping nine percent higher than Trump’s negative number. According to Langer Research, who conducted the poll, it is “a steeply negative turn for the Democrats, 19 percentage points more critical than when last asked three years ago, including especially steep losses in their own base.”

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Source: Langer Research Press Release

These numbers succinctly show that it wasn’t a massive conspiracy by the Russians that lost the Democratic Party the presidency; it was their ideology. In March of 2014, those polled were evenly split at 48 percent between those who answered the question with “in touch” and “out of touch.”

In that same poll, the GOP number was 68 percent “out of touch,” versus 28 percent “in touch.” The Republican Party, in three years, has marginally been considered more in touch with the problems of Americans, and the Democratic Party has cratered. Yet the media continue to act the same as they did during their failing election cycle.

After 100 days of pussy-hat parties, violence by Antifa thugs, marches for science, and a whole host of other “out of touch” radical left-wing priorities being pushed by Democrats, the American people have spoken. They want nothing to do with the radical agenda of the Democrats. In fact they would re-elect Donald Trump again to stop it.

Media narrative destroyed, full stop.

There are signs that this poll has shaken the Democratic Party to its core. On “Meet the Press,” after this polling came out a midnight, Nancy Pelosi went on “Meet the Press” to say that “of course” you can be pro-life and a Democrat. The question came after the Daily Kos recanted its endorsement of the Democratic mayoral candidate in Omaha, Nebraska after it was revealed the candidate co-sponsored the state’s 20-week abortion ban, according to the Washington Times. Pelosi’s reaction has not been the mainstream position of Democratic leadership over the last decade.

Once again the mainstream media are not reporting on the real story: that the policies they and the Democratic Party have been pushing are turning off the vast majority of Americans. Instead, they are focused on easy hypothetical horse-race headlines.

The numbers also go to show that if the GOP were serious about keeping their campaign promises and accomplishing what the American people have time and time again elected them to do, they could turn their fortunes around.

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