Stein: Hollywood ‘Bullies’ Silencing Political Debate

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Written by Michael F. Haverluck

With actors continued bashing of President-elect Donald Trump ever since he defeated his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in November’s presidential election, actor and economist Ben Stein blasted most of Hollywood as being a “bunch of thuggish bullies” who try to silence those with opposing political views.

When reflecting on his past work in the entertainment industry, including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Win Ben Stein’s Money, the conservative critic took on those who use acting as a stage to dictate public discussion on political matters.

Addressing the bullies

In the wake of the Golden Globes, which saw Meryl Streep and other Leftist actors and actresses taking aim at Trump and his supporters for not sharing their political ideals, Stein said Hollywood has become bolder in its attempt to manipulate public opinion in the political arena.

“I’ve earned my living – most of it in the vineyards of Hollywood for the last 40 years,” Stein told Fox News Channel’s Your World, according to Breitbart. “And a bigger bunch of bullies you have never seen in your life.”

He went on to use an analogy to further explain his thoughts on the matter.

“Think of the most thuggish bullies from West Side Story and you’ve got it,” Stein continued. “On the one hand, some of them are very nice people, but they are a united, black-listing front that will go against anyone that they think is politically undesirable.”

The vocal conservative – who exposed indoctrination on campuses regarding the evolution vs. creation debate through his 2008 documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed – indicated that Hollywood has gotten into the habit of silencing the political debate between conservatives and Leftists – much like schools have shut down any arguments that oppose Darwinian evolution from kindergarten through college graduation.

“They’re not for freedom of speech or freedom of expression,” insisted Stein, who is also a former speechwriter for past United States presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. “They are exactly the opposite of that.”

Environment of fear

Stein maintained that not all actors and actresses in Hollywood use their big screen influence to make Americans interpret the political landscape their way – but he said that most do.

“There’s some wonderful people here – Norman Lear is one of them,” the veteran actor inserted. “But this Hollywood in general is trying to shut down free debate within Hollywood.”

He followed up by telling America the consequences for speaking up for the conservative side of the political debate.

“There are plenty of people in Hollywood that like Donald Trump,” Stein pointed out. “They’re afraid to say a word about it because they know they are going to be paying consequences. I know this for a fact.”

The bold and the fearless

One actress who was not frightened into silence over the recent political debate over Trump taking office this week was 49-year-old Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman, who called for an end to Hollywood’s Trump bashing just a few days after Streep used most of her Golden Globe acceptance speech to blast Trump.

“He’s now elected, and we as a country need to support whoever is the president because that is what the country is based on,” Kidman expressed to BBC.

Stein took note of the Australian-born actress’ brave words and commended her for it.

“[Kidman stood up for] what’s right [and for] supporting the president – as long as he’s not doing something we sincerely disagree with,” he commented.

The way Hollywood has attempted to bulldoze its political views onto Americans with every chance is viewed as a sad state of affairs by Stein.

“[Much of Hollywood consists of] a bunch of big bullies and thugs trying to shut down anyone who doesn’t agree with them,” he stressed, according to Fox’s Insider.

Stein went on to argue that Hollywood producers, actors and actresses have no official actions with which to disagree in the first place – since Trump has not even been sworn in as president yet.

Staging opposition?

As Trump fine-tunes his inaugural address to be orated on January 20, another Leftist from the entertainment industry, lesbian actress and comedian Rosie O’Donnell, used social media to rally opposition to Trump’s incoming administration.

O’Donnell made a recent post calling on outgoing President Barack Obama to impose martial law on America and suspend the inauguration until Trump can be “investigated” for his so-called connections to Russia’s alleged “hacking” of Democrats, which she believes rigged the November election so that her favorite, Clinton, would lose.


Another entertainer, singer Marie Osmond, was quick to respond to those within the entertainment industry who quickly seize the opportunity to stir up opposition against the Right.

“I think when it comes to our country, we need to unite,”Osmond told Yahoo, noting that she makes it a point to stay out of politics. “I think we should all support our president – whether we’re happy or sad. This is America. We should come together, and I think an inauguration should be a time to unite – it really should.”

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