The Symbiotic Relationship Between Liberal Democrats and Hollywood

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Written by Michael Bargo, Jr.

There is a mutually supportive relationship between Hollywood elites and the Democrat Party of the U.S. It is interesting to explore this relationship, how it benefits both, and why it continues. Every election cycle, candidates for the Democrat Party go to dinner parties in Hollywood and raise money from all movie industry attendants. These Hollywood dinner fundraisers are the most successful single day events in political campaigns. This year, for example, Hillary Clinton raised $8 million in one evening.

While everyone knows how the Democrat party benefits, the other side of the question is, how Hollywood benefits from their support of Democrats. The answer lies in the ability of Washington to focus the public’s awareness on social, political, and economic issues.

Hollywood and Washington pursue the same goal: to generate the support of the public. Hollywood wants people to buy tickets to see their movies. Liberal Democrats need voters to accept their policy positions and vote for them. The essential connection between Hollywood and liberal Democrats then, lies in the details of what Washington does to influence the preferences of the movie going public.

The origin of this influence is the public school system of the U.S. The American Federation of Teachers has 1.7 million members and the National Education Association has nearly three million members in 14,000 communities. Every day these teachers indoctrinate millions of students into the latest politicized topics, whether it be green energy or climate change. The schoolchildren then go back home and tell their parents about how important it is to control carbon emissions and undo global warming. These two big teacher unions are also two of the biggest campaign donors to Democrats in national as well as state political campaigns.

Hollywood knows that the public officials it finances through dinners will educate the moviegoing public on the latest topics. Then Hollywood, having a huge potential audience already educated on global warming and the environment, produces movies such as An Inconvenient Truth and The Day After Tomorrow to cash in on the ready-made audience.

Hollywood portrays private corporations such as oil companies as evil and greedy organizations that destroy the environment. Nothing good is ever said about them, while governmental actions are protected. The major schemes of the Democrat Party such as illegal immigration and the segregation of blacks into ghettoes were never blamed on government until D’Souza’s recent film Hillary’s America. If a government agency does appear in a movie it is usually the Defense Department connected to a contractor engaged in destructive behavior such as in the film Shooter or Mel Gibson’s Edge of Darkness. Government, moviegoers are told, only helps people. If government does evil there has to be a corporate connection.

And since most people in the U.S. live in urban areas, and the majority of cities are controlled by Democrats, Democrats have control of the messages most students receive in school. These messages are controlled by the U.S. Department of Education in Washington. They have bureaucrats who devise school projects and convey their messages to the students in the classroom.

So theatergoers leave the movie theater feeling that the ideas they were taught in school are true, and that the best party to protect the middle class is the Democrat Party. The main players in this education-Hollywood complex become very wealthy. Hollywood has a number of actors worth over $400 million, while the highest government pensions go to educators such as university administrators in Illinois who earn $300-$400K a year in retirement.

And oddly, the educators are never held up as rich enemies of the working class, they are not targeted for not paying their fair share of taxes, even though they protect their wealth using tax exempt investments just like Wall Street. Those who run the system are not ostracized, they are not put up to the public as violators of the public trust, as exploiters of the middle class, only the big corporations are. Students are never told about how public unions exploit them.

Actors who don’t play the Hollywood game are punished. Antonio Sabato Jr. found his Hollywood projects cancelled after he spoke at the RNC convention. But when actor Will Smith said America needs to be cleansed of Trump’s ideas, he was not punished. He toed the DNC-Hollywood line. The real reason Hollywood rejects messages from actors such as Sabato is that they don’t want their liberal-Hollywood messaging complex threatened.

These tactics are very effective and are continued after students graduate college: the major news media all sing from the same songbook. Most professors in colleges and universities describe themselves as liberal. They have to be: if they were not they would not be tenured, they won’t get a pension. Today at Illinois public universities half the tuition goes to pensions. This is how government finances censorship: through student loan debt.

The reason the themes of Hollywood movies are important is that they are proof of the symbiotic relationship: that only one standardized perspective will be portrayed in movies and this perspective will be carefully sculptured to enable the DNC to stay in power. The way this is done is by training K-12 and college students to accept only one point of view and punish dissenting opinions as politically incorrect. College students are encouraged to seclude themselves in “safe spaces” to avoid having diverse conversations. It’s a very subtle if Orwellian way to manipulate thought.

College and elementary school administrators are handsomely rewarded. They both make salaries measured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and receive lifetime pensions worth millions. Today in Illinois the top 100 pensioners will earn $623 million if they live to age 81.

The losers are the American people. While they voluntarily go to see movies, the mindset they have, the understanding of wealth, society and the economy, is not freely chosen. It is indoctrinated into them by public-school teachers. And their skyrocketing property taxes, which increase the most in states run by Democrats, have driven them into a lower standard of living. Today Illinois has ten cities where all the property taxes paid by residents go solely to public pensions, primarily teacher pensions. They are forced to subsidize the system. They will pay far into the future. Today, there’s $5.6 trillion of unfunded pension debt. And this is never portrayed as exploitive of the middle class.

This multibillion-dollar “Triangle of Truth” involving Washington, Hollywood, and educators goes on year after year. There’s never an end to the new topics that are taught by public teachers, there’s no end to the Federal programs passed to cure them. There never will be, not as long as pubic unions are highly paid, subsidize Democrats in elections, and people pay to see liberal theme-based Hollywood movies.

Anyone who believes that the role of Republicans is intentionally being ignored, needs to learn that public sector unions and Hollywood only give to Democrats, and only liberal/Democrat policies are pursued in public schools.

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