Kasich Dismisses the Florists, Bakers and Photographers

Written by Maggie Gallagher

I don’t know how to describe this, except to say the truth. A handful of believing Christians have sacrificed their family’s livelihoods by being unwilling to facilitate gay weddings. Gov. John Kasich describes this (falsely) as being unwilling to serve a cupcake to gay people:

“I think frankly, our churches should not be forced to do anything that’s not consistent with them. But if you’re a cupcake maker and somebody wants a cupcake, make them a cupcake,” he said. “Let’s not have a big lawsuit or argument over all this stuff — move on. The next thing, you know, they might be saying, if you’re divorced you shouldn’t get a cupcake.”

No, Gov. Kasich, this is not about us being unwilling to give a cupcake to either a gay person or a divorced person. It’s about something far different and worse: the entire establishment — Democrat and Republican — being willing to stand down while the Left redefines Christian (and other faith community views) as bigoted and hateful. Where are you, Gov. Kasich?

Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project. Originally published at thepulse2016.com.