“Hookers For Hillary”


Prostitutes from the Bunny Ranch in Nevada
have officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

Written by Kelli Serio

With a new campaign called “Hookers for Hillary,” Dennis Hof says his girls will do anything they can to support Hillary.

“I’m reaching out to the Democrats in northern Nevada and saying ‘what can we do to help?’” Hof told The Daily Caller. “Air Force Amy has announced that she’s going to give another half-hour to any donor who donates to Hillary. An extra half-hour of time in the bedroom. That’s her way of supporting. All the girls are coming up with different things they can do.”

“Hookers vote too,” he added.

Hillary’s stance on foreign policy is apparently one reason the “Bunnies” have endorsed her, video below, citing her ability to negotiate with foreign leaders similar to how they communicate with foreign men through a “language barrier.”

Another reason the prostitutes want Hillary in the White House is because of health insurance, which they have never had access to, according to Hof.

“They classify them in the same category as illegal prostitutes, who have sexually transmitted diseases. Legal prostitutes don’t. So the girls are thrilled with Obamacare, that they finally have proper healthcare,” he explained.

Another prostitute has reportedly pledged to donate the money she receives from selling her underwear online to the Hillary campaign.

TMZ obtained videos of two women from the farm, wherein they explain why they are proudly backing Hillary Clinton.

“Because I’ll stick by any woman that stands by her man in a cheating relationship so that she can further her career,” says Air Force Amy. “I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because I have just as much trouble with my emails as she does.”

Ava Adora cites healthcare reform as a basic human right and thinks Hillary will continue to fight for it as leader of the free world.

“I think it’s kind of sad that as one of the best countries in the world we don’t have that as a universal system,” she says.

This article was originally posted at Breitbart.com.