Religious Liberty: Only for Muslims?


Hillary Clinton

Written by Linda Harvey

Suddenly, the left defends religious liberty. They are shocked, shocked that Donald Trump proposed limits on Muslim immigration to America.

But what about all those same-sex “wedding” cakes? What about the Kleins in Oregon – who are citizens, not immigrants – facing a fine of $135,000 because they believed Americans had a right to religious freedom? Where’s the outcry over jail cells for county clerks who have conscientious objections?

In a new campaign ad, Hillary Clinton tells America she doesn’t believe Christians have a right to refuse cakes to homosexual couples. But she told an audience in New Hampshire Donald Trump is “trafficking in prejudice and paranoia” to deny believers in Allah immigration into our country.

Prejudice and paranoia about Christian believers must be OK with Hillary.

If County Clerk Kim Davis were a Muslim, Hillary and even the top GOP candidates might have defended her religious liberty, instead of only Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz.

As a Muslim Kim Davis might earn John Kasich’s respect. He might have defended her right of conscience instead of accusing Kim of turning youth away from religion and scornfully instructing her to follow what is now, in Kasich’s view, the law of the land: sodomy as “marriage.”

Many Christians disagree and will never submit to public respect for same-sex “marriage,” even though that seems to be the mandate coming down from many in the GOP and virtually all Democrats.

Yet Donald Trump is a monster for his call to close the American door to Islamists. He’s waging a personal jihad against “American values,” according to the New York Daily News and others. How dare he suggest we deprive Muslims of their rights to enter our country at will.

Oh, wait – there is no right to do that. It’s a privilege we extend to thoroughly vetted, non-sedition-minded applicants.

Or at least, that’s the professed goal. And if sedition is a pillar of any ideology, even a religion – revealed by many premeditated episodes of mass murder – then barring entry to its followers would be consistent with long-standing U.S. immigration policy.

Joining Hillary Clinton in jumping all over Trump’s suggestion were Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan and others in the GOP.

But Hillary’s hypocrisy is head-spinning. Her new campaign ad about “LGBT rights” revives her atrocious Geneva speech in 2011, where she proclaimed, “Gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.”

If you have not seen this new extremist ad, please view it here.

In the ad, speaking on behalf of state-sponsored perversion, Hillary says she will continue to fight this “discrimination” and that it’s “outrageous” that in 2015 you “can even be denied a wedding cake for being gay.”

“This kind of discrimination goes against everything we stand for as a country,” Hillary says in the video.

I guess she thinks it’s now “who we are” to punish people for religious objections to homosexuality. But she’s wrong. It’s a moral imperative to refuse to honor such immorality. Christians especially have not just a right, but a duty to our children and grandchildren to lawfully resist this deviance in America.

But to Hillary, discrimination against Christians is perfectly justifiable. As usual, her values are completely twisted, 180 degrees.

So as president, Hillary evidently will force people to violate their consciences and be required to publicly bow before homosexual behavior, same-sex “marriage,” and the delusion that people are born in the wrong-sex body.

She will make sure homosexuals get their pretend “wedding” cakes while Christians lose religious freedom.

But under a Hillary administration, Muslims will enter our country at will, because denying some of them the right to plan murder and mayhem is “just not who we are.”

And people think Donald Trump is foolish?

Hillary sings the anti-freedom theme now common to liberals. The Human Rights Campaign, among other “gay” groups, launched a major campaign to sell Americans on the virtues of suppressing religious freedom about homosexuality. If people of faith don’t roll over and accept all “LGBT” demands – including prancing on the job, cross-dressing in the classroom, nudity in the streets and deception at the altar – we are using our faith as a “license to discriminate.”

Why is the left so transparently double-minded? Because they don’t respect authentically lived, orthodox Christian faith, and their fury at God Himself takes many convoluted paths.

One is to limit speech and change language, seen in the above-mentioned effort to re-label Christian doctrine as “discrimination” so that theoretically, it falls into a whole new policy category. This is dishonest and unconstitutional, but that’s what the left is trying to pull, if we let them.

Power is one rationale, but also, they shudder before the truth. It’s much more appealing to ban it.

In Cincinnati on Dec. 9, the city council passed a measure7-2 outlawing “reparative therapy,” the first city other than D.C. to do so. Licensed professional counselors can’t advise minors born with male parts or female parts that they indeed have male parts or female parts. That will get you a fine of $200 a day in the alternative universe of Cincinnati.

Planned Parenthood just launched their #solidarity campaign, circling the wagons as they now try to play victim. But no, one lone crazed gunman attacked one Colorado PP clinic. The ongoing danger is to the little humans being killed in those clinics every week. In Ohio, those baby parts were not sold, but did end up in landfills.

Didn’t we just observe Human Rights Day?

Yes, Virginia, the First Amendment still guarantees religious freedom, but not for non-citizen Muslims. They should not be allowed to enter our borders to peddle and enact jihad. Freedom doesn’t work that way.

But Hillary and others believe that denying Muslims freedom to have a jihad orientation in America is not “who we are.” Well, I don’t agree.

It’s the America she wants, but with God’s help and our Constitution, we are not going to let that happen.

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