Cruz: No, I Won’t Let Boys Into Girls Showers


Written by Aaron Bandler

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said on Thursday that he would ensure that men wouldn’t be allowed to go into women’s bathrooms if he were elected president.

The Advocate reported Cruz made his comments on conservative radio talk show host Steven Crowder’s radio show, in which Crowder said that people get offended for using “genetically proper pronouns.”

The Advocate reported what transpired:

“Look, these guys are so nutty that the federal government is going after school districts, trying to force them to let boys shower with little girls,” Cruz responded. “Now listen: I’m the father of two daughters, and the idea that the federal government is coming in saying that boys, with all the god-given equipment of boys, can be in the shower room with junior high girls — this is lunacy!”

“And I bet you there are a whole lot of parents — particularly parents of daughters — that are not eager to have the federal government saying, ‘Guess what? Your daughter has to shower with a boy, if he wants to be in there,’” Cruz continued, discounting the fact that trans girls are, in fact, girls, not boys who “want to be in there.”

The Tea Party Senator concluded his remarks with a dig at the intellect of what he called “modern leftists.

“You know, the funny thing is, my 5-year-old knows there’s a difference between boys and girls,” Cruz quipped. “And yet modern Leftists can’t figure that out.”

Cruz is right. The federal government has said that an Illinois school broke the law for preventing a transgender from entering a female locker room. The Daily Wire has previously reported that the University of Toronto had to temporarily modify their gender neutral bathrooms policy since male students were filming female students taking showers, and science has shown that it is biologically impossible for somebody to change their gender.

The position that Cruz has taken is clearly a winning issue, which is evident from the defeat of Houston’s ordinance that would have allowed men to enter women’s bathrooms. In a country that’s become infected with the virus of political correctness, Cruz’s common-sense comments are refreshing.

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