Joe Biden is Hillary’s Worst Nightmare


Written by Michael Medved

The New York Times reports preparations by Vice President Joe Biden and his aides to join the a presidential race – a looming disaster for Hillary Clinton.

It’s not that Biden is more competent, moderate or popular than she is – he’s none of the above. But he is closer to the administration, and a majority of Democrats adore the president so much that they’ll choose the candidate who pledges most fervently to continue his policies. That’s why a Biden race – promising a third term for Obama, in effect – would wreck Hillary’s attempt to distance herself from the administration, which she must do to win in November.

Two-thirds of Americans think we’re on the wrong track, and don’t want more of the same. Bernie Sanders understands this, and promises a sharp change of direction – toward the radical left! If Biden jumps in, the Democrats will have three major candidates, all of whom should be unelectable.

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