DNC Chairman Dumbfounded When Asked About the Difference Between Democrats and Socialists


Written by James Longstreet

Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz got a jolt of introspection, a quick glance at oneself, like walking by a picture window and being surprised by the reflection.

Chris Matthews, bravely admitting that he once knew the answer to this question, sought the answer from Debbie.

“What is the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?” Matthews asked.  Wasserman Schultz was at a loss (video):

She didn’t answer the question.  Couldn’t answer the question.  Sometimes what is not said is the answer.

Next person to ask is Hillary Clinton.  For the person who declared that companies don’t create jobs might have the same answer as Debbie.  And what of “you didn’t build that” Elizabeth Warren?  (Where did she go, by the way?)

Using “Democrat” to describe today’s party is similar to calling today’s golf club a “wood.”  They just aren’t made of wood anymore.

Progressive Socialist might be a better moniker for the Democrats.  This might explain why an “old school” Democrat like Jim Webb can’t get any airtime.  Gone are “your daddy’s” Democrats.  Those were the ones who might disagree with conservatives, might even see the heritage aspect of the rebel flag, and defended the right of others to have an alternate opinion.

When the spokesperson for the DNC can’t distinguish between her party and Socialists, it doesn’t really surprise anyone.  The Constitution is shunted aside by this party.  Laws are selectively enforced, and climate illusions are used for industry hamstringing.  Treaties aren’t really treaties, thus Senate ratification is unnecessary.  Executive orders can and will rewrite and alter the intent of passed legislation.  Contempt of Congress is not even a slap on the hand with the party’s attorney general in place and on board.

Health care provided by the government, or at least health insurance, is the keystone in the arch of Socialism, as Lenin quipped.  Add in regulations authored by czars (interesting choice of title) and border-breaking to enable demographic “transformation,” and single-payer may just be a precursor to single-party.

Bernie Sanders’s popularity among Democrats is not a mistake and should not be a surprise.

 This article was originally posted at AmericanThinker.com