RINO Report on Scott Walker

 scottwalkerScott Walker reverses positions on illegal immigration.

Written by Robert Moon

RINO = Republican in Name Only

When Republicans un-apologetically embrace conservatism with the time-proven Reagan-Bush Sr. approach, they win by landslides. It happens every time. When they “reach across the aisle” and vote like Democrats on issue-after-issue with the failed Dole-McCain-Romney approach, our right-of-center electorate doesn’t show up and they always lose.

The following is a list of Scott Walker‘s liberal RINO policy positions and red flags from his background:

-In March of this year, he endorsed amnesty for illegal immigrants behind closed doors at a private GOP dinner, after reversing his position for the primaries. He also stated in February that he opposes the idea of deporting illegal immigrants. And in July of 2013, he supported making it easier to enter the country legally, and endorsed a path to citizenship for immigrant workers.

-In January 2014, he advocated the GOP’s slightly less unconstitutional “defund, repeal, & replace” strategy of running health care differently, rather than simply following the Constitution and removing illegal federal intrusions and interference altogether (i.e., letting states run their own affairs as required by the 10th Amendment).

-In November of 2013, in response to the left’s invented “government shutdown,” he said that Ted Cruz’s strategy of actually fighting back against endless, irreversible national bankruptcy (which ended up producing sweeping, landslide Republican victories in 2014) was a mistake, and stated that cutting spending (i.e., ‘austerity’) isn’t the answer.

-In December of 2014, he significantly softened his opposition to Common Core.

This article was originally posted at the Conservative Examiner website.