GOP Ad: Clintons Out of Touch With Everyday Americans


And willing to say just about anything.

Written by Daniel Halper

The Republican National Committee released a web video this week that frames the Clintons as out of touch with everyday Americans. Another theme of the Republican ad is that the Clintons are willing to say just about anything, regardless of the facts.

The ad highlights remarks made recently by former President Bill Clinton.

Watch the 30-second spot here:

The ad opens with text reading: “The Clintons are out of touch with working Americans.”

Then this clip from Clinton’s recent interview with NBC is played: “Over the last 15 years, I’ve taken almost no capital gains.”

“Tax returns show that the Clintons earned almost $371,000 from capital gains,” the ad text reads. “Almost nothing? To who? $371,000.”

“I’ve gotta pay our bills,” Bill Clinton is heard explaining in that same NBC interview.

The ad then closes with this voiceover, likely borrowed from a recent cable news show: “‘Gotta pay for my bills’ sounds very similar to ‘We are dead broke.’ I mean it’s sort of the sense of being out of touch with the everyday Americans.”

This article was originally posted at the Weekly Standard blog.