Unpublished Letters Reveal Close Hillary-Alinsky Link



Written by Chad Groening

An author and political activist says the Democratic Party is clearly controlled by far left-wing radicals who want to create a one-party state.

Recently The Washington Free Beacon obtained some unpublished correspondence between Hillary Clinton and 1960s-era left-wing radical Saul Alinsky. The letters revealed a close relationship between Clinton and Alinsky, who wrote Rules for Radicals, a controversial guide to the ends-justifies-means approach to power and wealth redistribution through community activism.

David Horowitz is a former member of the communist party who has now become a conservative and is the founder and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

“The aim of Democrats is to create a one-party state,” he says. “These are totalitarians. They think they know what’s good for everybody and they’re going to force you to follow their plan – and their means are deceptive. Hillary is part of this. It’s all the Alinsky strategy. You don’t telegraph your agendas.”

The author contends Democrats are working hard to build a permanent majority of dependency voters.

“Their defense of voter fraud is just another aspect of that,” he tells OneNewsNow, referring to the party’s general opposition to voter ID laws. “They want illiterate people. They want people who are here illegally to vote. They’ve already got them included in ObamaCare. I mean it’s disgusting what they’re doing.”

Horowitz admits he doesn’t understand why the Republican Party isn’t hysterical about what the Democratic Party continues to do to America.

This article was originally posted at the OneNewsNow.com website.