Sorry Senator Kirk, That Train Has Left the Station

Written by Joe Walsh

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk said on the radio late yesterday that he will, in fact, campaign for Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Oberweis. This statement comes as a complete 180 degree turn from his answer a month ago when asked about Oberweis. At that time he said he would not support Oberweiss because he valued his relationship with Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin.

What’s changed in the past thirty days that caused Mark Kirk to take back his previous statement? And let’s be clear: he didn’t change his mind. He has no interest in supporting Oberweis, and he genuinely wants Durbin to get reelected. Astonishing, isn’t it? But true! No, what forced Kirk to come out yesterday and express support for Oberweiss is that virtually every Republicans had turned against Kirk, not just conservatives. Kirk’s team knew he crossed a bridge by siding with Durbin over a fellow Republican. For his own political viability, he had to come out yesterday and say what he did.

As disgusting as Kirk’s change in position was, Durbin’s reaction to what Kirk said yesterday was worse. Durbin said he was surprised because Kirk had told him privately and personally that he would support Durbin. That was the last he’d heard from Kirk on the subject. Yet, as further evidence of how out of touch these beltway politicians are, they cut their own deals and stick together, forgetting the folks back home.

Too little and way too late, Senator Kirk. You clearly don’t understand what you’ve done. When you sided with Durbin over Oberweis a month ago, you spoke from the heart. No Republican will buy your conversion. You left the Republican Party when you sided with Durbin, and all the spinning in the world during these next few months won’t change that. And rightly so, most Republicans get that.

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