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Will Illinois Republican Politicians Lead or Raise Taxes?

Will Illinois Republican Politicians Lead or Raise Taxes?

Written by John Biver

Pat Hughes from “Upstream Ideas” recently recorded a scathing short video slamming state Senate Republican Minority Leader Christine Radogno for her participation in the crafting of a budget “compromise” which includes a tax increase on Illinois families. That video can be seen here: ‘Republican’ Minority Leader Radogno Looking Out For Herself Not You.

It should be noted that Sen. Radogno has been the senate GOP leader since 2009, and was recently reelected to that position by her fellow Republicans. Also worth noting is that she has been in office for twenty years, and few considered her a solid fiscal conservative in support of limited government. Any criticism of Sen. Radogno should not leave out the fact that she has enjoyed the majority support of her caucus since 2009, so her fellow Republican senators share in the blame of any tax increase that might get passed.… Continue Reading

Tuition Increases Only Support Bureaucracy


Written by Scott Reeder

Last week, Gov. Bruce Rauner proposed a budget that trimmed funding for state universities.

The reaction of university bigwigs?

Jack up tuition and protect the bureaucracy at all costs. And I mean at all costs.

Look no further than the comments Illinois State University President Larry Dietz made to WEEK TV news:

“Budget cuts at that level would have an impact on many areas of University operations and there are many issues on the table for discussion. Some areas that could be affected include tuition – as set by our Board of Trustees – scholarships, faculty and staff compensation, hiring decisions and maintenance projects. Throughout the process, I want to assure you that protecting the jobs of our outstanding faculty and staff is our highest priority. We will do everything we can to prevent measures such as layoffs and forced furlough days.”

So he’s already thinking about jacking up tuition and cutting scholarships?… Continue Reading

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