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Candidate Burt Minor’s Answers to Pro-Family Questions Raises Concerns

Written by John Biver

Keeping a candidate’s policy positions straight isn’t easy when the candidate appears to come out on both sides of an issue. Sometimes it is due to a simple mistake, as people can misspeak without even realizing it.

When the issue is taxpayer funding of abortion, however, a person is either for it or against it. The same comes to religious liberty and conscience rights. There is no middle ground, even though some candidates would love for there to be some.… Continue Reading

Voters Need to Know Where Their Republican Candidates Stand on the Issue of Leadership

Written by John Biver

The Illinois House seat that gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives is vacating has three GOP candidates vying to replace her. Ryan Byrne, Amy Grant and Burt Minor are on the primary ballot in the 42nd house district. At least two of those house candidates have chosen sides in that primary race for Governor.

Burt Minor is supporting Bruce Rauner’s reelection and Amy Grant has endorsed Jeanne Ives.

Only Amy Grant responded to the IFI Voter Guide questionnaire, and earned an endorsement from IFA.… Continue Reading