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Frustrated Illinois Manufacturer Flees to Indiana’s ‘Affordable Shore’ Next Door

From the Chicago City Wire

The president of a company that moved from Illinois to Indiana said recently on a Chicago radio talk show that he looks back on Illinois and hopes one day the state will get its act together.

“It’s kind of a double-edge sword,” Hoist Lifttruck President Vincent Flaska said during a recent edition of “Illinois Rising.” “I still live in Illinois, and I want to see Illinois succeed. But the problem that they have is that they need to get rid of how their tax credits function. They’re basically the only state that gives tax credits out to retain companies. Indiana does not do that.”

There is a lot that Indiana does and doesn’t do that Illinois doesn’t and does do, enough that Illinois couldn’t hold onto his company or the hundreds of jobs that went with it, Flaska said.

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