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James Dobson Endorses Ted Cruz


Written by Ryan Lovelace

James Dobson, founder of the influential Christian group Focus on the Family, endorsed Ted Cruz for president on Thursday. Dobson is a prominent evangelical activist and author.

“Ted Cruz’s record on religious liberty, life and marriage is second to none in this Republican field,” Dobson said in a statement shared by the Cruz campaign. “I have met with the senator on multiple occasions: He is brilliant, articulate and informed.… Continue Reading

Conervatives Oppose Las Vegas GOP Bid

Written by Tod Gillman,

Some of the heaviest hitters on the religious right are pressuring GOP leaders to cross off Las Vegas as a potential host city for its 2016 convention, warning that putting the next convention in Sin City will harm the party’s image and drive away supporters.

Dallas already pitches itself as a more wholesome alternative to Vegas, and the push-back could bolster the city’s effort.… Continue Reading