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Macon County Sheriff Election: Irregularities in Elections (Part 1)

Written by Kristi Shaffer

The right to vote is nearly sacred in the United States. Elections are closely monitored for an accurate count and assurance that the voices of the people are heard. At least that is the intended outcome of the election process, but, far too often, things go awry. Many of us watched back-and-forth recounts, audits, and legal battles in various states over the 2020 presidential election. However, there was a battle right here in Illinois for election legitimacy of which few were aware.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: David J. Shestokas Announces for Illinois Attorney General

Written by Jenna Smith

If you are interested in ensuring election integrity and eliminating voter fraud, you will certainly want to listen to this edition of Spotlight. Joining Monte Larrick on the podcast is David J. Shestokas, a former Cook County State‚Äôs Attorney and current Republican candidate for Illinois Attorney General. In his position as counsel for Illinois Conservative Union (ICU), Shestokas is uniquely qualified to address the federal lawsuit ICU has filed against the Illinois State Board of Elections, as well as discuss various violations of the National Voter Registration Act and problems with mail-in balloting.… Continue Reading