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Proponents of Amendment 1 Hidden Agenda: Worker Classification to Grow Union Membership by Robbing Freedom from Workers

Written by John Lopez

No matter how often anyone claims Amendment 1 is not about Worker Classification, the paper trail of proponents proves claims as untrue

This article continues addressing a ballot measure that Illinois voters must vote on this election cycle.
We urge voters to reject Amendment 1, a constitutional amendment that
would elevate collective bargaining rights in the Illinois Constitution,
allowing government union contracts to override state law.

Southern California-based Jennifer Van Laar, managing editor for Red State a Salem Media Group publication, got me hooked on the Cobra Kai series back in 2019. … Continue Reading

The Corruption of the GOP

Written by Laurie Higgins

In a recent appearance on The Journal Editorial Report, Republican economist Arthur Laffer (of “Laffer Curve” fame) unintentionally revealed the rot at the core of the GOP. In an astonishing statement, he waxed exultant at the prospects of Democrat Jared Polis winning the gubernatorial race in Colorado (which Polis did). Laffer is thrilled because Polis has the right economic plan. For those who don’t know, Polis is openly homosexual, “married” to a man, and supports every lousy pro-homosexual legislation that a sexual anarchist can conceive.… Continue Reading