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SPOTLIGHT: Hope in Chicago

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

This episode of Spotlight features Pastor Charles Moodie’s speech given at the Foundations of Faith and Family Conference.

Charles Moodie is the pastor of Chicago City Life Center church, and congregation is deeply involved in outreach ministries within Englewood. Currently, Pastor Moodie is building a Crisis Pregnancy Care Center in Englewood. The purpose of this Pregnancy Center is to provide pregnancy support for women dealing with unexpected pregnancies, family support through counseling, and transitional support through offering classes.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: Building the Kingdom in Chicago

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this episode of Illinois Family Spotlight, David Smith and Pastor Ceasar LeFlore interview Pastor Charles Moodie, who is the head of the Chicago City Life Center. This center is located in the middle of one of Chicago’s darkest neighborhoods– Englewood.

Chicago City Life Center’s mission is to change the city of Chicago, one life at a time. They implement this mission through “offering discipleship and life skills training, spiritual treatment, job training, pre-school, and several programs for children, youth and young adults.”… Continue Reading