SPOTLIGHT: Building the Kingdom in Chicago

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this episode of Illinois Family Spotlight, David Smith and Pastor Ceasar LeFlore interview Pastor Charles Moodie, who is the head of the Chicago City Life Center. This center is located in the middle of one of Chicago’s darkest neighborhoods– Englewood.

Chicago City Life Center’s mission is to change the city of Chicago, one life at a time. They implement this mission through “offering discipleship and life skills training, spiritual treatment, job training, pre-school, and several programs for children, youth and young adults.” The center, through their unique “4-T Life Change Process,” is able to “recognize trauma, provide treatment, enlist training, and watch God transform the lives of the community.”

Chicago City Life Center is in the process of opening a pregnancy care center called The Life House. The vision of The Life House is to provide “a place for displaced mothers to welcome unexpected babies with open arms.” Furthermore, The Life House desires “to become the first maternity home to provide support for South Side pregnant women and their families.” Their services include pregnancy care, family care, and transitional care.

Pastor Moodie has a powerful personal testimony about the evil of abortion and about the forgiveness that is found in Christ. This is an interview you will not want to miss.

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