“We Should Not Be Ashamed of Our History” (Illinois Family Spotlight #257)

On this edition of Spotlight, the Reverend C.L. Bryant urges Americans to “push back and stand up against the tyranny that is encroaching upon our civil liberties.” Speaking with Monte Larrick, he stresses that individual freedom and our right to self-governance are in jeopardy. Rev. Bryant recounts his experience growing up in Shreveport, LA in the midst of the civil rights movement and contrasts it with the message that proponents of Critical Race Theory are touting today. Monte and Rev. Bryant also discuss the importance of human character, the misplaced fear of humans, the state of our churches and public schools, the Biden administration’s plan to force American workers to join unions, the need for a Digital Bill of Rights to counter the Big Tech monopoly, and more.

The Reverend C.L. Bryant is a Senior Fellow at Freedom Works and the host of the syndicated radio program, the C.L. Bryant Show on Red State Talk Radio. Additionally, Reverend Bryant is the force behind the film Runaway Slave and author of A Race for Freedom.

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"We Should Not Be Ashamed of Our History" (Illinois Family Spotlight #257)