“A Great Awakening in Illinois” (Spotlight #067)

Joining Monte Larrick is Pat McManus, the Pastor of the Kingom Impact Center in Aurora. He is the main proponent of a movement to unite churches from several denominations in prayer for the state of Illinois.

They discuss how to awaken churches in Illinois, activate young people, and how to pray for leaders such as Governor Bruce Rauner and House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Monte pointed out the reality of the many roadblocks that currently exist in Illinois, and Pat stressed that true change requires unity among Christians regarding prayer and participation in the political process. “We can’t do it alone,” he said, “we can do it together.”

Monte asked “what does true change mean?”:

Pat responded: “Godly government. Godly leaders in government. Godly people that are truly honoring God in their decision making…” Their policy decisions impact not just the government, he said, but the culture, the schools, businesses and “every area of life.”

What happens if that change doesn’t happen?

“We’re on a path of destruction, financially, economically, culturally, Pat said, and warned that if we don’t act, “generations beyond us are going to come into a society where there’s no value, where there is nothing left for them.”

Pat and Monte discuss the great opportunity Christians have in Illinois and what some of the initial steps are on the path to saving the state.

"A Great Awakening in Illinois" (Spotlight #067)