PODCAST: State Rep. Lou Lang’s Foolish Chief of Staff Bert Brooke

Americans, including conservatives, have become desensitized to the reprobate nature of our polity. Our leaders are depraved and the policies and laws they seek to effect reflect their corruption and foolishness. A perfect example of such corruption oozes out of the office of State Representative Lou Lang (D-Skokie). As a co-sponsor of HB 40 that just went down in flames, Lang stands boldly and unashamedly in favor of forcing taxpayers to pay for the killing of human persons in the womb. He is also a co-sponsor of HB 1785, the science-denying bill that would force the state to be complicit in issuing fraudulent birth certificates to adults who wish they were the opposite sex.

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This special podcast is an IFA feature article written and read aloud by Laurie Higgins.