“Looking to Rebuild A Pro-Family Civilization” (Illinois Family Spotlight #247)

America was founded on the principles of the Scriptures, which contain the prescription for the family unit. Joining Monte Larrick to discuss the absolute necessity of a strong biblical family (one man, one woman–in covenant till death–with many children) for healthy civilization is Dr. Allan C. Carlson, the founder of the World Congress of Families. Monte and Allan discuss the role the biblical family played in the foundation of America, and the problem of familial deterioration all over the world.

One of the main themes of the podcast is thinking big picture about an ambitious goal of re-building a “pro-family civilization.” This plan is applied in how families raise children, how young men and women think about marriage and work, and how married conservatives can pass on the exciting–as indeed it is–vision of building a solid Christian family, church, and culture for the benefit of the world and for God’s glory.

Visit the International Organization for the FamilyIFN (ifamnews.com), and their journal, The Natural Family.

"Looking to Rebuild A Pro-Family Civilization" (Illinois Family Spotlight #247)