“Pushing for Generational Change” (Illinois Family Spotlight #220)

Our election themed podcasts continue with Tom McCullagh, a GOP candidate for the Illinois 49th senate district and a candidate endorsed by Illinois Family Action. McCullagh is one of those highly qualified men running to represent his district against the radical regression Leftists are pushing on Illinois. He joins Monte Larrick and David Smith to discuss the 2020 election and how important it is to the future of neighborhoods, the nation, and all the spheres in between.

Under that broad heading, they discuss Illinois issues such as corruption, abortion and taxes. They also discuss the bird’s eye view of McCullagh’s plan to restore Illinois: his idea is not merely that of running for state senate but instead to catalyze generational change, to start a movement to remove the restraints on Illinois’ potential.

Check Tom McCullagh’s campaign out or support his campaign here.

"Pushing for Generational Change" (Illinois Family Spotlight #220)