“That Floor Sounded Like the Pits of Hell” (Illinois Family Spotlight #166)

Joining Monte Larrick on this edition of Spotlight is Darren Bailey, current State Representative for the 109th district. Their conversation occurred at the Illinois Conservative Union’s Illinois Political Activist Conference which was held in August in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Representative Bailey details the reasons why he has decided to run for state senate in the 55th district and recounts the valuable experience he gained as a state representative. He also shares an incident surrounding Pastor Cory Musgrave’s opening prayer on the final day of the recent legislative session that illustrates why it is imperative that conservatives and Christians in the Land of Lincoln are well-represented by the leadership of conservative and Christian men and women in the Illinois General Assembly.

Other topics of discussion include the need for the Church to seriously address the critical issues of the day, especially pro-life issues; the lack of conservative candidates who are willing to challenge uncontested seats; the necessity for new, truly conservative leadership in the Illinois GOP; the important role of southern Illinois voters; and Peter Breen’s Fair Maps. Additionally, Rep. Bailey  talks about the Christian school he founded in Louisville, IL and how the LGBT history mandate might affect students in private, Christian, and charter schools, as well as homeschool settings.

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"That Floor Sounded Like the Pits of Hell" (Illinois Family Spotlight #166)