“That Floor Sounded Like the Pits of Hell” (Illinois Family Spotlight #166)

In Springfield, every representative receives the opportunity to bring a clergy member to the floor of their chamber to open the day’s proceedings with a prayer. Now State Representative Darren Bailey brought a pastor from his district by the name of Corey Musgrave to pray during the open of the day’s session. In this podcast, Bailey describes the reaction to the biblical prayer and the direct (godless) response as they exited the floor afterwards among other topics.

This edition of spotlight features an interview by Monte Larrick of Illinois 109th district Representative Darren Bailey at this year’s Illinois Conservatives United conference. They talked about Darren’s experience in the Illinois House and why he is leaving for the state senate (Pastor Musgrave is running for the 109th house seat), a recent thwarted threat to free home education in Illinois, and Rep. Bailey’s new pro-life legislation and his hope that all is not lost for Life in the state.

They also discuss Rep. Bailey’s personal work in his district including the founding of a private school with 150+ students, whether social issues are winning issues for conservatives, the Achilles heel of the GOP, how Southern Illinois will react to a heavier regressive agenda, and Peter Breen’s “Fair Map.”

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